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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Slate: Democrats must reach out to Nazis

Jamelle Bouie of Slate magazine found a passive-aggressive way to call President Trump's supporters Nazis. Very clever. So clever that I will share that with readers.

First, the part of the column I agreed with: it's title.
Democrats have a white voter problem.
How true. Democrats rely too heavily on minority voters. Nearly half the votes for Democrats come from 30% of the population.

White people supplied only 54% of the votes for Hillary on Election Day. While 88% of the black vote went to Hillary, They make up but 12% of the vote, and their number is not growing.

White people supplied 86% of Trump's votes. While the percentage of the population that is non-Hispanic white will decline over time, they will remain the majority for at least the next two generations, according to demographers, and after that they will remain the plurality party for at least the rest of this century.

Never in my life has the possibility been this high for the Democratic Party being the outcast party in Washington and most states for decades. In fact, Republicans have not been this strong in my life.

So Bouie states the obvious in the need for Democrats to target white voters while maintaining their lead among minority voters.

His strategy is to call Republicans Nazis, but indirectly:
It is far too simplistic (and inaccurate besides) to say that this white voter problem is purely a product of racial animus. But it does reflect the nation’s history as a herrenvolk democracy, where white Americans (or more precisely, those Americans of direct European descent deemed white) possessed primary access to opportunity, advancement, and upward mobility, as well as the full rights of citizenship.
That paragraph betrays an over reliance on black history to explain this nation's past -- and I say this as a person who received A's in both his black history classes in college (the first helped me make the Dean's List my one and only time).

The racial politics Bouie indulges is by definition ad hominem. His argument is that people are only their color. True, there are white people, black people, and people of various races. But the conservative approach is to appeal to the brain, not the color.

But basing politics on race is easy and liberals by and large are lazy.

Thus, Bouie and other liberals do not have to argue the merits of federalizing and mandating hospitalization insurance. One simply has to elect a black president as the party's figurehead, call it Obamacare, and label anyone who disagrees a racist or a traitor to the race (or if you prefer, the gentler "disgrace to the race").

The brilliance of the strategy also gives it a short shelf life. Like striking a wooden match, you begin with a large flame that peters out and eventually dies.

Which is why six years after passage of Obamacare, Republicans are in command of nearly everything.

Bouie continues down the path by saddling the nation -- which just rejected racial identity politics -- with the label "herrenvolk democracy." The German adjective, as you can imagine, infers colonialism and Nazism. Herrenvolk is German for "master race."

This past election proved the Nazi Scare to be ineffective, but what else can he do but call Republicans names? His whole political philosophy is based on race.

Just as the Klan's was.


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  1. "While the percentage of the population that is non-Hispanic white will decline over time"

    Not if you factor in the huge streams of indigenous Europeans fleeing the Eurabian anarchy over the next decade or two.

    1. And a reverse migration of non-Anglo illegals which will be larger than many people realize when the free ride is over. Living in the US culture is not easy if everything is not free or heavily subsidized.

  2. It there a better or quicker way to p.o. white folks than to call them Nazis? Dang Slatecists! Got it first time!

  3. Based on that short excerpt alone, his argument is illogical since both presidential candidates were white. But in the larger writeup at the link, which I refuse to click on seeing as it's all about race, if his point is that whites voted for Trump out of their fears over non-white immigrants, I'd have to say immigration WAS a big factor that won Trump the election, not because of racial or religious animus, but because a lot of us believe a country that has no borders is no country at all. And a lot of us believe that the immigrants who are ALLOWED to come here (not sneak in here) must share our values and beliefs in democracy and freedom, and be willing to work to build a better America. Freeloaders are not welcome. Terrorists and totalitarians are not welcome. Freedom lovers are welcome; hard workers are welcome; but come only legally by invitation, not by invasion.

  4. Another example of a Bouie's blinkered view.

    ". . . white Americans (or more precisely, those Americans of direct European descent deemed white) possessed primary access to opportunity, advancement, and upward mobility, . . ."

    They possessed primary access to advancement and upward mobility because it was provided by the society that they built. Critics like Bouie consistently blather about "whiteness" and "white privilege" with condemnation and a sneer. It's not white privilege, it's achievement (i.e., Western Civilization's achievement). To anyone who believes that view to be chauvinistic I ask why don't they then live in a black dominated society (Haiti, Tanzania, Rwanda) or Kazakstan or Venezuela where such "white" privilege does not exist? Why? Because people like Bouie instinctively know that they have it too good here while simultaneously bitching about the house that Western Civ built.

  5. Obama's half-white, half-black, so I guess, by Bouie's lights, that makes him a semi-pro Nazi.

    1. Hahaha Dave! Yeah, Barack will never make the NBA. He was stuck in the Development League.

  6. But "white" is fluid -- from what I hear, Irish, Italians, and Greeks weren't "white" until the 1940s or 1950s.

    1. There was a time a long while ago when even Scandies, of all people, were lumped into that category of non-WASP.

      Until it was noticed that, whenever a fire broke out or the water broke in, or the ship's officers called for assistance, a Swede or a Norse was always there.

  7. "Just as the Klan's was."

    And how many Klan members have been Republicans?