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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Six months after Brexit, UK stocks explode

Remember how the London stock market went down sharply after the commoners dared -- dared, I tell you -- git uppity and voted to leave the European Union.

Stock brokers said they would show the riff-raff.

From the Guardian on June 24:
Shares plunged and the pound plummeted to a 31-year low as panicked traders reacted to the UK’s vote to leave the EU and the prospect of recession amid months of market turmoil.
The FTSE 100 fell more than 8% within the first few minutes of trading on Friday, with shares in banks particularly hard hit and nursing their biggest falls since the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008.
At the opening bell on Wall Street, US shares were down sharply, with the Dow Jones industrial average shedding more than 500 points, down nearly 3%. There were even sharper falls on bourses in mainland Europe, where economists said Brexit would hurt an already fragile recovery.
You see, you fools?

Our way or we will blow up the economy.

The FTSE ended the day at 6117.

From the Daily Mail on Tuesday:
FTSE breaks 20-year record by closing at all-time high for a ninth consecutive day as Britain's economy continues to defy Brexit doom-mongers
FTSE 100 index rises 37.7 points today to hit 7275.47 to hit all-time high for ninth day in a row.
That was an 11.8% increase

They lie.

They lie, they lie, and then they lie some more out of habit.

Same with the economists who predicted doom when we dared defy them and elected President Trump.


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  1. Sure, the EuroSocialist money men aren't afraid to lose some money to make a point. But they will take it only so far. After they saw the effect on the U.S. stock market of U.S. election results they decided to put profits over principles. - Elric

  2. Anyone remember how Napoleon's Continental System broke the back of England and how Britain came back on its hands and knees begging for trade deals? Neither do I.

    1. Napoleon shot himself in the foot with the Continental System. It was a pitiful response to an effective British blockade and the British simply bypassed it through Spain and Russia. So, Napoleon invaded Spain and Russia. That didn't work out well, either. - Elric

  3. Just like Election Night here when the Dow futures were down 700+ points and the MSM painted dire economic news would befall us the next day, the sky would fall in and breadlines would instantly form in the streets.....oh wait, they didn't happen...never mind!

  4. Freedom spray. Immediately effective against both German and American roaches.

  5. BREXIT's gonna destroy England, eh?????????????????
    Got that one wrong, BIG TIME.

  6. Hey, if all them commoners are subjects, does that make the Queen an object?

  7. I remember reading this article: George Soros Predicts Epic Collapse of the British Pound If Brexit Wins

  8. and then this: Obama stands by 'back of the queue' Brexit warning - how the world reacted