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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sean Hannity on what the media gets wrong about Trump

"Pretty much everything."

OK. That's all you need to know about Sean Hannity's interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Hannity's railing about the failure of reporters and news organizations to be objective in covering conservatives and conservative causes is now the mainstream.

Only 32% of American people trust the media. Decades of pushing the Democratic agenda has its price -- paid by workers laid off at the New York Times and elsewhere.

The whole interview is here. I liked this:
QUESTION: What do you think the media gets wrong about Trump?
HANNITY: Pretty much everything. They don't get him. I've said it a lot: Journalism in America is dead. I think a lot of the reporting on Donald Trump has been totally, completely fabricated, dishonest.
QUESTION: What has Kellyanne Conway's impact on him been?
HANNITY: I think when she came into the campaign she said, "Things have to change or you're going to lose." She told him the truth. And they developed a great relationship. If you look at his career trajectory and his growth curve as a guy that never ran for office, it is an incredible, amazing story that should be studied for hundreds of years.
Hannity is right. The political class -- the experts in governance -- blew it, and so the people turned to an outsider. The media missed it because the media sees nothing wrong with a nation overrun by illegal aliens, heroin, and economic failure.

MJJA: Make Journalism Journalism Again.


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  1. They could make big bucks just pretending to be pro-American. This goes to show how ideologically driven they are. Gotta give them credit for that.
    And hope they go down all the faster.

  2. The don't like the U.S. They really don't like the U.S. They're not hiding it from us now...nor have they for more than the last 17 years.

    1. Hell, they haven't cared about the country since Franklin Roosevelt.

      they're just more honest about it now.

  3. MJJA! There will be journalism again in the future, with all new people who are children now. They will find real schools to learn the craft, and Don Surber's books will be required reading.
    When your enemy is committing suicide, stand back and hand them more rope.

  4. A degree from the Columbia School of Journalism should be an automatic disqualifier for a job as a reporter. Make it a trade again. College should not be required, but life experience should be.
    Pups only 27 years old shouldn't be considered "Senior" reporters.
    Maybe even require smoking tobacco in the newsroom again.

  5. deplorabledaveinsocalJanuary 29, 2017 at 1:45 PM

    Don, I love your site and it is one of my goto sites every day. At the risk of being "that guy", I noticed an error in the second paragraph:

    "...objective in covering conservatives cayses is now the mainstream."

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shall fix it because I did not mean "members of an American Indian people of Washington State and Oregon."
      This does not mean some Cayuse Indians are not conservative.