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Monday, January 09, 2017

Powerful senator lobbies against President Trump's regulation of her industry

A leading Democratic senator opposes confirming President Trump appointment of the woman to the Cabinet department in charge of regulating the senator's industry.

That industry is highly subsidized by the federal government through outright grants, a near industry-wide tax exemption, and loans guaranteed by the federal government.

Indeed, state governments also give the industry exemptions from property and corporate tax exemptions, and gives it subsidies.

But thanks to millions annually in campaign contribution -- overwhelmingly to the Democratic Party -- the industry enjoys  only mild oversight.

The industry routinely denies due process rights to its customers, often arbitrarily voiding contracts without refunds.

Industry-wide sex discrimination goes unchallenged by the Department of Justice's civil rights division.

Former Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren is using her position as a senator to protect the higher education industry from scrutiny.

Despite her clear conflict of interest as a law professor, Warren sits on the Senate Education. Indeed, the $517 billion-a-year (2013-14 figures) was fifth among industries that have contributed to her 2018 re-election campaign.

From the Boston Globe:
Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts says Besty DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump's pick to run the Department of Education, has a "radical political philosophy" and a thin resume for the job.
"There is no precedent for an Education Department Secretary nominee with your lack of experience in public education," Warren wrote in a lengthy letter sent to DeVos on Monday morning.
DeVos hasn't held top policy-making positions in the past, unlike other picks for the position by past presidents. Warren said that DeVos has "virtually no experience" in handling student debt, developing standards for school accountability, or improving schools - the key responsibilities for the job.
We need an ethics investigation of Senator Warren.

We also need DOJ to investigate the expulsion of a disproportionate number of male students who receive no refund, and who are often falsely accused of the felony rape.


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  1. When did a "lack of experience in public education" become a disqualifier for the person hired to shut down the U.S. Department of Education? - Elric

  2. A pigs just got to squeal!

  3. Remind me again, which part of the Constitution requires a Department of Education; I seem to have misplaced my bookmark, and I can't find any mention of it anywhere.

    Whoever is in charge of that Dept, I hope they succeed in demolishing and removing it.

    Education should be done locally and supervised by the parents of the children being educated! I see no need at all for hundreds of "administrators" who eat out our substance and provide nothing in return; nor any use in having education centrally planned by socialists.

    CA is a great example in how Not To Do It! Spending has gone up astronomically but standards have dropped precipitously. This once was the Golden State, which led the nation; now it's in a race to the bottom.

    1. The Constitution does not require or establish a multitude of federal agencies. Shut them all down? Why not, think of the savings!
      Esky - the state and local boards set the policies and standards, not the feds. The federal agency does give out millions in grants, primarily to pre-school and low-income areas. I'm certain one of E. Warren's biggest concerns is that DeVos is a huge proponent of public funds be made available for students to receive vouchers to attend charter schools and private schools. Are you in favor of this?
      You live in W.Va.? Ask Surber what West Virginians thinks of such ideas.

    2. They say that kids will get a better education if class sizes are smaller. But that requires more teachers. Which means that the standards have to be lowered to hire the required amount. Which lowers the average IQ and ability of teachers.

      THAT'S why standards go down as class sizes do.

    3. "the state and local boards set the policies and standards, not the feds." One would think but most federal grants, if not all I reviewed, have mandates. An example is the federal law requiring that homeless children be educated at their original school for self-esteem reasons. The unintended consequences are that since our state took the grant, we have the mandates. $155,000 last year to do so for our school system, not reimbursed that I could find. People live in tents in the woods in at least 3 places in our county and because of bus routes, sometimes the individual students are even sent to school via county paid taxis since transportation shall be provided. Mandates are killing our school system and I suppose many others. And it has been discussed in county council meetings about the problem of the living conditions/locations of the children but under the laws passed by the feds restricting actions that can be taken, our hands are tied. The same kind of laws that prevented the FBI from placing the airport shooter in Florida in a mental institution after he was interviewed in Alaska and was "found" to be hearing voices; the local police also had to give his handgun back to him. The problem with the firearm taking by suspending one's 2nd Amendment rights for mental conditions, is who is willing to sign off to restore those 2nd Amendment rights when the person is cured. I saw that debated in my legislature and mental health people argued against taking away gun rights for that very reason. There is a 4th Amendment right as well.

  4. Fauxcohantas to the rescue.

    I don't think Warren still has an affiliation with any university, Don, so the conflict of interest thing in fairness probably doesn't fly. Let's just ignore her on the basis she is full of crap and a far lefty.

  5. There used to be a Postal Service which was managed by a Cabinet Level Secretary known as a Postmaster General. I think it was during Nixon that the final Postmaster General closed down the shop. Let's do likewise with all the other bloated Federal agencies. I'm looking at you, TSA.

  6. There is no bigger racket in this country than higher education when it comes to ripping off the young and bankrupting american families. If you think in terms of delayed family formation and lack of the ability of young adults to purchase homes, the biggest culprit in declining demographics and white genocide is the university.
    If they are going to claim benefits and return on investment for the services they offer, then they can damn well assume liability when those expectations do not come to fruition.

  7. What's Senator Warren's education higher than anyway? A kite?

  8. Fauxcahontas just sees her meal ticket disappearing.

  9. Senator Warren is an embarrassment.All She has ever done as a politician is get in front of the press and shout accusations and "facts" about whatever the party line is and then run away and hide when pressed for details.Yannow details that would back up her claims.