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Friday, January 27, 2017

Politico's guide to keeping the press irrelevant

Gallup in September found only 32% of Americans trust the media. Hillary received 243 newspaper endorsements, President Trump 20.

Politico today published an article that sets an agenda for coverage of President Trump that if followed will seal the irrelevancy of the press for the next four or eight years.

Headlined "Trump’s Yuge Week One. What really mattered, and what didn’t," the article by Michael Grunwald offered an Alternative World in which President Trump can do no good and should be impeached immediately.

From Grunwald:
President Donald Trump’s first seven days in office were historic, chaotic, often astonishing and sometimes unsettling. With a flurry of provocative executive orders, surreal events, unapologetic falsehoods and did-he-really-say-that tweets, Trump continued to obliterate political norms, serving notice that the gaze of history won’t change who he is. He made so much news and did so many unorthodox things that it was hard to keep track of everything that was changing in Washington. The question, though, is what did all that sound and fury signify?
His answer should embarrass even the ardent opponents of President Trump.

Let me begin by what Grunwald left off his list of his list were:

1. Theresa May's historic call for an Anglo-American partnership to lead the world. The British prime minister opposed Brexit and Trump. Now she embraces both.

2. Meeting with business leaders and gaining their support.

3. Meeting with union leaders and gaining their support, something Republican presidents seldom get, and never in their first week in office.

4. Beefing up national security by A.) blocking visas from terrorist-friendly nations, and B.) ending the catch-and-release of illegal aliens.

5. Beginning the campaign to end the Islamic State once and for all. The campaign is run not by politicians, but generals who have led battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While Grunwald included the following, he downplayed the significance of Trump's action to free new regulations and new hires, his action to stop abortion, and approving two pipelines, which will protect the environment.

Instead, Grunwald played up media nonsense.

Now for his list, in which he frequently distorted reality as he tried to please his fellow social justice warriors.

Topping Grunwald's list was an actual accomplishment -- one that Grunwald clearly hated:
The Obamacare Order. Trump’s first executive order on Inauguration Day directed his agencies to do whatever they could, “to the maximum extent permitted by law,” to minimize the impact of Obamacare until it can be repealed. This sent a strong Day One message that the president is an enemy of Obamacare.
No. 2 was "Denying Mortgage Relief."

Nice, except no one was denied a mortgage. Instead, President Trump prevented subsidizing bank fees, and prevented a return to indiscriminate issuance of the subprime mortgages that tanked the economy in 2008.

If this were so important, why did Barack Obama not do this in his eight years as president? This was an economic IED that Trump dismantled.

No. 3 was "The Crowd-Size Lies."

Yes, the media lied about the crowd size at the inauguration to downplay support of President Trump. He then used the issue as a squirrel to offset the impact of the anti-Trump rally on Saturday.

No. 4 was "Abandoning Free Trade."

He didn't. He merely junked any plan to get Congress to ratify the TPP. Obama also did not ask for ratification. In fact only one of the 12 nations in the pact ratified it: Japan.

No. 5 was "The Federal Hiring Freeze."

No. 6 was "The Federal Rule Freeze."

No. 7. was "The Global Gag Rule," which was reinstated the Mexico City Policy not to subsidize abortions overseas.

No. 8 was ""The Illegal-Voter Lies."

Voter fraud is real. Voters know that. The real liar is anyone who calls it a lie. I also question the hyphen.

No. 9 was "Installing the Cabinet":
The initial news about Trump’s Cabinet nominations focused on its unusual whiteness, wealth and extremism. His picks for EPA and Labor had crusaded to dismantle the agencies they hoped to lead; Mulvaney was a leader of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus; the Senate had once rejected his attorney general nominee, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, for a federal judgeship because of a series of racial controversies. A series of Trump nominees then admitted errors that had scuttled past nominations. Billionaire Wilbur Ross had an undocumented household worker when he was nominated to be commerce secretary. Mulvaney failed to pay Social Security taxes for a nanny. Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin somehow omitted $95 million in real estate holdings from his financial disclosures. Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price had traded medical stocks while pushing medical legislation that would benefit his portfolio.
That is not news reporting or news analysis, but rather a regurgitation of Democratic Party talking points.

Then came, in order, the imaginary "Conflicts of Interest," "Green Light for Pipelines," the imaginary "Silencing Federal Employees," and "The Demonization of Immigration," in which Grunwald pretended 12 million illegal aliens are not a problem.

The cynical continuation of the media's campaign against Donald Trump will further alienate the populace which now accepts the Trump presidency.

Carry on, ladies and gentlemen of the press, and remain wrong.


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  1. People seem to forget that Obama's pick as his first Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, didn't pay his income taxes until he was called out on it. And the Obamabots made all sorts of excuses why that didn't matter, yada yada yada.

  2. 1. Does May have any other choice but to embrace Trump and Brexit? BTW, you spelled her first name wrong.
    2-3 What are these leaders going to do? Not meet.
    4. Blocked visas from terrorist friendly nations except the ones where Trump has business interests like Saudi Arabia which produced 15 of the 9-11 terrorists.
    5. The heavy lifting to defeat ISIS - which will never have a definitive conclusion - has been done already.

    Round 2
    3. The media did not lie about crowd size. It said it was smaller than Obama's first inauguration crowd. It was ... get over it.
    5. Too bad the hiring freeze includes the VA Department which Trump said he would fix on Day One during multiple campaign speeches.
    7. Reagan and both Bushes did the same. Big deal. It's purely a political football issue.
    8. Voter fraud is real. Tiffany Trump, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer and Steve Mnuchins are registered to vote in two states. Now, did three million vote illegally in November. No. No state or federal agency which is charged to monitor voting fraud says this is true. Trump also said every single one of those three million (phantom) voters voted for Hillary. Wow, his daughter and close advisors voted for Hillary. Amazing.
    9. Betsy Devos. Enough said.
    Even with its flaws, the free press is needed.

    1. I just sprayed a mouthful of beer. "Free press"? Sorry, Buckwheat, they've already been bought and paid for by Soros and the Democrat Party. Go have another Hot Pocket, you idiot.

    2. Does that include Rush, Fox, Hannity, Drudge, etc. They are all free press too.

    3. No, Buckwheat, they actually MAKE MONEY. What's your current occupation?

    4. 76th Preston County Buckwheat Festival
      Theme: Sweeter Each Year
      September 29 - October 1, 2017

    5. I hope that was American beer you sprayed. I wont tell you my occupation because I already know yours. Artist - you draw checks.

    6. It was...and yeah Buckwheat, I play the Ukelele now. In a group. We're starting to be kind of a big deal. Before I took my early retirement package, I managed 65 people. And, my wife worked at Lockheed. Be a winner. It's within you. Just bring it out.

  3. Have I mentioned my lack of trust in the media? That includes Politico.

  4. Gallup also found that Trump's approval rating for a new president is 45 percent - an all-time low going back to Eisenhower; and its disapproval rating for Trump is also at 45 percent - an all-time high for a new president.

    1. Gee, and I read just today it's at 59% according to Rasmussen polls. 45% Gallup and 36% Quinnipiac. All with a margin of error of 3%. Who are you going to believe? None of them.

  5. "The question, though, is what did all that sound and fury signify?"

    It signified that you cannot handle his Operational Tempo; you are reacting to him and not the other way around.

    -Mikey NTH

  6. See Scott Adams take on this -

    TL/DR - President Trump is a master persuader, so by overloading the media, from all different angles, he is overwhelming his critics ability to focus on one thing, therefore making everything just a jumble with ne real effect on him or his policies.

    Seems the chap from Politico is just verifying Mr. Adams theory.

  7. The MSM, thinking that they're VERY smart, trot out that tired line about paying no attention to the man behind the curtain. Trump plays up to their shtick, and when they all rush behind said curtain, they find that Trump has left some consolation prizes back there for them. Namely, bear-traps.

    1. Yes. And I too, am troubled by that hyphen. Very troubling, believe me. Trump/Bannon-Genius.

  8. Trump had things organised pretty well. He met with the business leaders, union leaders, CIA, congressional leaders and the British PM, quite a list really. In each case he got a good reception from them and announced plans or executive orders to them. Tiring in the exec orders he made to each group was quite slick