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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Piers Morgan on the speech heard round the world

Piers Morgan the ex-CNN anchor who is back home in Britain doing a morning TV news show gave President Trump's inauguration speech a five-star review.

From Piers Morgan:
It was a rip-roaring, saber-rattling, blisteringly tough, unashamedly populist tirade that will have shocked, stunned, enthralled or appalled the world in equal measure.
As I write this, social media is exploding.
The self-assigned ‘smart crowd’ who loathe and detest you erupted in a predictable storm of sneering, horrified outrage.
Celebrities, political rivals and media types frenziedly competed to win the prize for most insufferably pompous, righteously indignant Trump-hater. Most of them insisting it was the ‘worst Inauguration speech ever made.’
Simultaneously, I saw myriad tweets from ‘ordinary’ people who absolutely loved it.
Ordinary people are hurting.

In the 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States has been caving on itself. Manufacturing jobs are down by one-third, even while the Chamber of Commerce insists everything is peachy king with NAFTA and other free trade agreements.

From Morgan, who was addressing The Donald directly in his column:
I could imagine the rust-belt workers in places like Michigan who got you elected punching the air when they heard those words. This is exactly why they voted for you, a man they view as a billionaire Robin Hood who they trust to save them from the elite, out-of-touch sheriffs of Washington.
You spoke of mothers and children trapped in inner-city poverty, rusted-out factories scattered liked tombstones, an education system ‘flush with cash’ failing children, and streets engulfed by crime, gangs and drugs robbing Americans of their potential.
You painted a dark, dismal picture of a broken society but one that many Americans away from New York and California will recognize.
But Morgan also said words aren’t enough:
Now, you’ve gotta walk the walk or the act doesn’t play.
It’s time, as you said, for action.
America’s never had a leader like you, and there are many willing you to fail.
I am not one of those. I want you to succeed and so should everyone else who believes in America.
Your country, and the world, is depending on you.
Good luck, Mr President.
Chris Stirewalt of Fox News dismissed Trump's promises as too ambitious, and told America that the Founding Fathers set up the system so that actions would be slow. I worked with Stirewalt at the now defunct Charleston Daily Mail. He's gone Washington on us.

After nearly two years of dismissing Donald Trump, it is time for Washington to realize, President Trump is a doer. He sees a roach motel not as a slum but as the Grand Hyatt Regency -- and makes it so.

He sees America not as a socialist state on the downslide, but as the Greatest Land of All.

But Piers Morgan is absolutely right. Actions speak louder than words.

And action, dear readers, is what Washington really fears.


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  1. I fear that the GOPe will do everything it can to slow or stop Trump's program. They will give new meaning to the term "passive aggressive" with their foot dragging, pettifogging and "doing things the way we've always done it".

    1. That's why Trump will be playing his cards close to his gravy stains.

      No sign of anything, then all of a sudden, "Gin!"

  2. Watched Crissy Tingles-last night-not by choice.
    "Divisive!" "Horrifying!""Bloody!"
    There-saved you from getting spit all over your face.TG McCoy

  3. To hear the liberal lefties crying you would think that President Trump and his cohorts are going through Washington, D.C. like Genghis Khan and his Mongol Hordes, slashing, raping, killing, and burning down everything along the way. God, I love it!

    Ironically, it was the liberal lefties who did all of the damage in D.C. I propose new Rules of Engagement for our fine police officers: When you see someone swinging a baseball bat and breaking a window - shoot them on sight and shoot to kill. Eventually even the retards will get the message and we'll be rid of a bunch of dangerous hooligans. - Elric

  4. Notice - Piers Morgan said: "In the 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States has been caving on itself."

    Reagan defeated the SOVIET UNION - which promised to usher in an unprecedented period of peace & prosperity, and then at the hands of the Ckuck Schumers, and Clintons, and Obamas, and ______ (fill in blank) of the world, almost flushed it down the toilet.

    Go Trump! MAGA

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  6. What has happened to Piers Morgan since he went back across the pond? Could it be something in the water? A different brand of tea than what he drank here? I don't understand why he makes so much sense now when I thought he was a bloody fool on CNN......oh, wait a moment....NOW I get it!
    Never mind.

    1. He was simply in the wrong company. The stupid - it rubs off on you. - Elric

    2. You sure this ain't some sort of Evil Captain Kirk mirror-universe scenario?

    3. Layman's thoughts here, but I just saw an old Celebrity Apprentice and Morgana Pierced (can you tell how much I despise the guy?) was being treated fairly by the Donald, so he saw the real Trump. Thus, could it be that people who met our prez actually like him and defend him?

  7. What the hell happened to former rat bastard commie Piers Morgan?