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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Piers Morgan blasts Fake News about Trump

Piers Morgan blasted the literal yellow journalism of Fake News pushed by CNN, which President Trump just blasted in a morning press conference.

Reacting to Trump's dump on CNN -- he refused to take a question from a CNN reporter -- Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail:
The only hookers in this story are the cheap, lazy journalists who ran with fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his presidency
It’s bulls**t.
President-elect Donald Trump didn’t pay prostitutes to urinate on his bed in the presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, three years ago.
Neither did Trump do this to deliberately defile a bed that had been used by Barack and Michelle Obama.
And nor did Vladimir Putin secretly videotape the whole thing to use as blackmail against Trump at a later date.
It’s all complete baloney.
To be fair to CNN... why be fair to CNN?

It lied.

The story was a bunch of BS pushed by Senator John McCain and others.

Peddled around for a few months by Rick Wilson, CNN finally bought the story on Tuesday, and BuzzFeed followed up with more details of the lie.

And it is all lies.

Why would any decent person go on CNN?

Why would any decent person watch CNN?

Why would any decent airport have it on?

I suppose Kellyanne Conway will have to appear on CNN from time to time.

Morgan concluded his column:
My former employers CNN, who first reported yesterday on the dossier, but crucially didn’t include the details of the specific allegations, are not as culpable as Trump believes in all this, but they’re not blameless either.
They gave an official gloss to a dossier that looks extremely flimsy and full of wild badly-sourced allegations, thus making it seem more important and accurate than it was, and of course, prompting BuzzFeed into running with the full works.
And the real villain here is whoever leaked it to BuzzFeed and other media in the first place, if the motivation was purely to damage Trump at the expense of the truth, particularly if that person works for the US intelligence community.
The stakes are very high here.
A free press is the very cornerstone of any democracy.
If fake news goes mainstream like this, without any checks and balances, then the pivotal place of the free press in American culture will be over, toast, defunct, kaput.
So shame on you, BuzzFeed.
As Trump said at his press conference, what you did to him was ‘an absolute disgrace’.
And that’s a fact 
Morgan has had his run-ins with the truth in the past, but I think he nailed it this time.

The truth is out there. So are the lies.


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  1. Shep Smith made up for the ban hammer and condemnation as the usual retarded apologist. Unfortunately, it was maybe 10 seconds before I could turn off the free Faux confirmation feed.

    BTW: ZH has outed the so-called Brit originator. No mention of Clinton/Obama/McCain funding though.

  2. There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more lies out there, than there is truth. Lefty media and websites love those lies. Which is why we no longer trust the media.

  3. It seems that Trump's best bud, McCain, had this junk and passed on to the CIA, which already had it. Jerk.

    1. GOLLY! Could Trump have been right about McCain "the war hero" all long?

      The North Vietnamese apparently couldn't turn him, but the liberals have.

  4. Piers Morgan has been big time for Trump and quite readable since he left CNN and went back to England. What a difference a continent makes.

    1. Yeah, there must be something in the water at CNN. Maybe if he'd just changed networks he would've gotten his senses back and wouldn't have had to go back across the pond.

  5. "Sometimes its passion announces its weakness and foretells its end..." --Tocqueville on how newspapers meet their maker.

  6. "A free press is the very cornerstone of any democracy."

    True dat, but not specifically the professional journalists. More like the amateur pamphleteer who hangs around street corners, both literally as well as on-line, in order to hand out his latest expose about government corruption and wrongdoing. The problem with professional journalists is that they don't have enough skin in the game. If they are wrong, they need to lose something of great personal value to them (not their reputations, which are for the most part worthless), like a pinky or a toe or a year of freedom or their first born child. If they have as much to lose as the people they report on, then we'll see if they have sufficient integrity (and courage) to get things right when they publish it.

  7. "the literal yellow journalism of Fake News pushed by CNN"

    Publish it in the snow, huh?

  8. Piers has seen the light! As Joe Walsh sang, Welcome To The Club.

    1. He was clearly living A Life Of Illusion at CNN!

  9. Get the impression that President Trump is going to go all Texas Chainsaw on the upper echelons of the CIA?

  10. I suspect that Putin might soon make a gesture ... something along the lines of "Aww, you gotta be kidding!" ... to benefit his nation's near-future diplomacy.

  11. “Fake news will become more sophisticated, and fake, ambiguous, and spun-up stories will spread widely,” warned an important American editor at the end of December 2016. His name: Ben Smith. His publication: BuzzFeed.

    I didn’t make that up."

    John Podhoretz

  12. Anybody who has panned for gold knows that you have to sift thru a lot of crap to find an occasional nugget. They also know about fool's gold.

  13. The MSM ought to apologize to Putin. It wasn't Russian intelligence that leaked fake news on Trump, it was a Limey ex-spy.

  14. Remember the "good old days" of Watergate when editor Ben Bradley at WaPo insisted on 3 independent sources to corroborate a story before allowing it to be published?