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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

One quick Obamacare fix

Obamacare violated the First Amendment by requiring companies -- even the Catholic church -- to provide free birth control to employees. This was a nasty, socialistic attempt to further denigrate Christianity.

Getting rid of the mandate is easy: make birth control over the counter.

From New York magazine:
HRA Pharma is the first company to take the leap into the quagmire that is the FDA approval process for over-the-counter birth control.
Although the pill has been around quite a while, the process of getting a product approved by the FDA for OTC use is daunting enough to discourage many manufacturers. However, HRA and the nonprofit Ibis Reproductive Health are working together to make obtaining your daily BC as easy as buying Advil.
The first over-the-counter birth-control pill will be progestin-only, which should also make it easier to get over-the-counter morning-after pills approved, according to Ibis president Kelly Blanchard.
As of now, birth control is free under the Affordable Care Act, but it’s not quite clear if it will stay that way under the Trump administration.
Although people who can access insurance through their employers wouldn’t be affected by ACA changes, Medicaid would, and removing access to free or low-cost birth control would be detrimental to women who depend on the program.
Do it.

I would also make Viagra and many other drugs over the counter.

Why do I say socialists are anti-Christian? Because they want government to be our god. America is the world's largest Christian country. Socialists see it as competition. Just as the Soviets burned all the churches, so would socialists.

Frankly, I think Catholics are wrong about artificial contraception, but I defend their right to act on their beliefs.


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  1. "Why do I say socialists are anti-Christian? Because they want government to be our god." And they shall not rest until no gods are above the government. So, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-Zoroastianism...

  2. Abolish occupational licensing entirely and make everything over the counter. Would everything and everything be sold by your local drug store? Of course not. They would be subject to all kinds of liability. Would there be the development of markets outside the usual retailers? Yes. And using them would entail risks that we already know about from having people in the area die of overdoses. Companies would still be interested in quality controls because it relates to liability and competitiveness. They would form associations amongst themselves and develop internal standards. Ever heard of the treestand and safety organization involved in hunting? Never mandated by government. They develop their own manufacturing and design standards.
    We are spending 20% or more of our incomes on health care out of fear, not necessity. Stop letting them fleece you. I know whereof I speak.
    Your doctor won't go poor and disappear when he no longer has a government license, but you will be able to haggle over his bill. Choose freedom over serfdom.

  3. As Sister Theresa used to say: "The best form of birth control is an orange. You don't have it after, you don't have it before. You have it INSTEAD, girlie!"

    1. Back when I was 15 and horny, I had a girlfriend who swore by an aspirin tablet for birth control: she held it firmly between her knees.

      Worked too damn well, in my opinion!

    2. If she were on her knees at the time...not so well at all.

  4. The argument at least partially breaks down for the established socialists in Canada, who will medicate your butt RealGood® OTC, but what the hell...Let's roll with it.

    It's the US *.GOV issue and the FDA's role in extortion for Big Pharma and Wall street shareholders that required 5 new patents a year.

  5. The best form of birth control is abstinence, but that requires self-discipline. - Elric

  6. Don mentioned Viagra. There is a generic available. When Pfizer first got approval for the drug it had initially been tried as a vasoactive substance and was used in trials on people with congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. The approval was for the substance itself and appaerently not for the use when final approval was made for the ED drug. It was also approved for pulmonary hypertension in a different dose. When the expiration of the ED drug patent was looking on the horizon, which should have happened last year, if I remember right, Pfizer requested and was granted a nine year extension on the basis of a patent on use. So they were granted the ability to be the sole marketer of the substance for the purposes of erectile dysfunction for another nine years. But the patent covering the same drug at a different dosage for pulmonary hypertension expired and a generic drug maker picked it up. They are debarred from being able market the drug for erectile dysfunction, so it is up to the physician to be aware that it is available as such and to make the patient aware. The dosages of Viagra are 25, 50 and 100 mg. The dosage of the generic is 20 mg. It is a simple matter of substituting the dosages to approximate the dose used in the other preparation. The generic at the time I retired could be gotten for as little as twenty bucks for thirty pills with a coupon versus a price of $400 for Viagra. Some pharmacies all refuse to make the substitution under the pretext that using the pulmonary hypertension dosage is an "off label use". The truth is that they would rather charge you $400 rather than $20. Who wouldn't? What I used to do before I retired was to give my patients a hand written prescription, rather than one done through the EMR, which would automatically include their diagnosis (which could be used as an excuse for the off label gambit) and expressly tell them not to use the pharacies known to rip off other patients before, and have them print off or use their smart phone to get a coupon for further savings.
    The system as it is is destroying our country every which way. This isn't just about limp dicks. What you see above is a symtom of systemic complexity out of control. Tweaking it might forestall collapse, but it won't stop it. Radical reform is necessary, and it will happen anyway, suddenly and swiftly and in an out of control manner if it isn't implemented legislatively.

    1. Take that little blue pill with plenty of water, right Doc?

      You wouldn't want it to get stuck in your throat and risk a stiff neck.

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