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Saturday, January 14, 2017

NPR business editor obsesses with President Trump

Twitter does two things: It helps me promote my writing, and it allows me to figure out the bias of reporters. Not every reporter is a social justice warrior.

But many are. Twitter outs them. Read their feeds.

Consider Marilyn Geewax, who has a "Verified Account." She is the senior business editor for NPR.

Here are a few tweets:
One yr ago today, #Obama gave his last #SOTU & called for cancer cure.  @RepTomPrice refused to applaud. This yr, he is Sec. of #HHS nominee
When it comes to clapping at #SOTU, @RepTomPrice is resolute: one of the few who did not applaud the idea of curing cancer.
Does anyone believe a medical doctor opposes curing cancer?


But a partisan hack for the Democratic Party working for a tax-exempt corporation would think that she could convince people of it.

Her tweets on Twitter are not about business, but rather Trump. Fifteen of the top 18 tweets were on Trump. One was about Obama. One was about her judging RFK journalism awards. And one was about her fireplace.
When #Trump hotel opened 9/12, cocktails started at $16. Not today. The Cheapest Cocktail at Trump Hotel Is Now $24
I guess the price of a drink at a luxury hotel technically is business.

Trump is news. But instead of tweets about Trump working with companies to open factories, Geewax obsesses about "conflicts of interests" for Trump. I am at a loss as to what conflict of interest Trump has.

Potential conflicts of interest exist I suppose. But it is a stretch to say that someone staying the night at one of his hotels is an emolument, especially when one considers the already high occupancy rate of his resorts and hotels and apartments.

And a senior business writer surely knows the concept of opportunity cost. Trump's presidential run cost him hundreds of millions in potential income.

We have a nation of 325 million people. Our annual economic activity hovers around $17 trillion. Presidents are important, but not 83% important. She linked no business stories by her or her staff, no stories not related to politics (OK, one was about Ohio State football).

NPR might be better served by having someone who is not obsessed with Trump and posting Fake News that his Health and Human Services secretary is against curing cancer.

If I ran a news organization, I would ban all tweeting by all employees.


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  1. "it allows me to figure out the bias of reporters."

    A Scriber Counter, as it were.

  2. "If I ran a news organization, I would ban all tweeting by all employees."

    You gotta think like Trump, Don. Let 'em Tweet ... at the rate of one hundred bucks per word, deducted from their next pay.

  3. She's probably afraid Trump will get rid of NPR or weaken it irreversibly. Then her "business" will be over.

    1. Which is what ought to happen.

      NPR: "Your taxes at work" - supporting Liberals.

  4. I don't listen to Nazi Prog Radio. I get my cultural news and views from the supermarket tabloids in the checkout line.

    1. Ia! Hahaha. Hey, National Enquirer is right much more often than NPR these days.

    2. I thought OJ was close to finding the murder, but when he went to prison Obama took over the search. The killer has been avoiding golf courses like the plague.

    3. So I guess the Incredible Frog Boy is on the loose again?

  5. That's what happened to Geewax. She used to be business editor at the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation.

  6. Price probably just assumed that Obama had already cured cancer when he stemmed the rising tides of the oceans.

  7. If you give them enough rope they will hang themselves. - Elric

  8. Unhinged dipshits just keep talking ... and talking ... not realizing they are digging their own graves.