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Monday, January 02, 2017

Keep thinking nothing is wrong, Democrats

Having lost 1,030 state and federal seats in the last eight years, Democrats are treating 2016's presidential election as an anomaly.

"A majority of those people agreed with [Clinton] on the economy, thought she'd be better on the economy, And she's won 2.8 million more in the popular vote," Hillary Clinton adviser Karen Finney told Jake Tapper of CNN on Sunday.

Please, Democrats, please. Please keep telling yourselves there is nothing wrong. Please keep telling yourselves that a bolt tightened here or there, and the party is good as new. Please, stay the course.

Ignore that the Clinton Machine in its fourth outing lost to a rookie candidate.

Who was despised by half the leadership of his own party.

Who had the highest unfavorables of any presidential nominee since Lincoln.

Who had half as much money.

Ignore all that.

Just ignore that Hillary was surrounded by Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the feminist journalist crowd in the press box saying that it was a woman's turn, while 90% of the stories were negative on President Trump.

Forget all that.

You, Democrats, stick to that elitist, globalist, affirmative action political script that gives preference to Islamic terrorists, black gang-bangers, and sexual perverts.

Keep telling yourselves that is a wining formula, Democrats.

From the Daily Mail:
'I think we need to learn some of the lessons coming out of this election, no question, in terms of how we talk to working families, whether they are black, white, brown and where those families are located, how we talk to them about the issues they care about,' Finney said. 
'So there are so many things we can – some lessons we can learn,' she said.  

How can people who know everything ever learn?

Don't change, Democrats.



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  1. It's gonna take the most humongous and ginormous clue bat ever built to wise them up.

    A cartoon about polling, for your amusement:

    1. Rock Lobster.
      (Cut and paste that link and you'll get the joke)

  2. I real concern is with the false Republicans - McCain, McConnell and Graham. They can do a lot of damage to Trump.

  3. What is that old saying? Paraphrasing...never stop your opponent while they are in the midst of destroying themselves...

  4. And please, I'm begging you, for the sake of multiculturalism and Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) elect Keith Ellison as head of the DNC. It's the right thing to do. It will make the party stronger.

  5. I think the one thing democrats could do to win again is work with Trump or keep their mouths shut. Dems just changing how they "talk down" to the working families is not going to work. Also, they need to quit putting us into a democrat defined condescending classes like "working families". We are "Citizens of America" with a vote. Get over it, you represent us and serve us.

    So until they stop dictating who we are and what we need as Citizens of America and stop talking down to the Citizens of America I will not even bother licensing to what they have to say.

    1. It will be difficult for dems to avoid dictating because they know exactly what is good for us.

    2. I'd like to license what they say, for about $20K a year.

  6. "So there are so many things we can learn"

    How about the 'thing' that begins: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America..."