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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Judge: Trump can call you a dummy, dummy

Political consultant Cheryl Jacobus cannot sue President Trump because he called her a dummy on Twitter, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Barbara Jaffe ruled.

Trump called Jacobus a dummy after she appeared on CNN last February.

From the Associated Press:
Trump retaliated in a tweet that night. Trump tweeted that Jacobus had "begged us for a job. We said no and she went hostile," calling her "a real dummy." Days later he tweeted that she was a "major loser, zero credibility!"
Jacobus filed a $4 million lawsuit, saying Trump's online attacks had cost her TV appearances and inspired bullying from Trump supporters.
In her 20-page opinion, signed Monday, Jaffe wrote that although Trump's "intemperate tweets are clearly intended to belittle and demean plaintiff," they wouldn't prevent her from working as a consultant and political commentator.
Jacobus' lawyer, Jay Butterman, vowed to appeal the decision. He said the ruling had effectively given "now President-elect Donald Trump a free pass to trample on the free speech rights of any critic."
Speaking of trampling on free speech rights -- isn't that what Butterman's filing of this lawsuit was all about?

The only reason Jacobus cannot get a gig is that Never Trumpers are a drug on the market.

This is what free speech is, children. Yes, you can criticize the president of the United States.

But he can criticize you back.



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  1. Truth is an absolute defense against claims of defamation. Lesson here for Trump accusers: don't poke the bear with a stick.

  2. Her name isn't "Jacobus," it's "Succubus."

    And she was struck down by a higher power, which often happens to demons. As PE Trump might say, "Sad."

  3. What?? CNN and MSNBC won't hire her?

  4. Always wondered when they were going to remake Beavis and Butthead.