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Monday, January 02, 2017

Government by the government for the government

If you attend George Mason University law school, you might consider a transfer -- or at least avoid any classes taught by Ilya Somin. His grasp of the Constitution is tenuous at best.

While professing to be a small government conservative, Somin took pen in hand to write a missive in the Washington Post that called for giving federal bureaucrats more control.

Granted, that feeds the target audience of a newspaper in a city where everyone feeds on more bureaucratic control. Nothing raises money faster for the Faux Conservatives in that town than a crazy agency rule. Those we-must-act-now-to-stop-it emails raise tons of money.

The public, tired of this nonsense, sent President Trump to Washington to drain the swamp and put the electorate back in charge.

Somin wants Congress to cut President Trump off at the pass.

From Somin:
But unless and until we can substantially reduce the overall extent of executive power, Congress should have the option of at least partially insulating many executive branch agencies from complete presidential control. Before we can restore the unitariness of the executive, we should first cut back some of its substantive powers. 
Insulate the bureaucracy?

Is he mad?

Why not just join the EU and have Brussels pass our laws?

Americans need to control the bureaucracy. Fire the creeps that push "climate change" baloney - especially the ones who fudge and forge data to "prove" this inane hypothesis.

The problem with the federal government is that no one is in charge. Presidents do not have enough control over the agencies. Sweetheart union deals make it impossible to hold accountable the porn-watching cheats and imbeciles on the payroll.

Sue-and-settle lawsuits by lobbyists with friends in various agencies (particularly the EPA) give regulations more protection than laws passed by Congress.

We must end policy made by bureaucrats.

No more congressional deference to the bureaucracy to "promulgate" rules to carry out their wishes.

Washington is a madhouse. We need sane businessmen to run these agencies until they are fixed.


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  1. As Barney Fife would say, he's a nut!

  2. Viral Video: Black Trump supporter thanks Pres Obama for bringing us President Elect Trump

    1. Somin is a credentialed idiot and a prime example why Ann Coulter says only zero immigration is good for America. Volokh Conspiracy has gone Washington since their move to the Washington Post. I stopped reading them months ago.

  3. Ilya's gone FULL DC. Next step, lying in the gutter.

  4. Ilya Somin used to write some great stuff.
    Volokh as a whole, like Randy Barnett and Eugene. Would be a shame if they don't get over TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, soon.

    1. Get over it like a rattler gets over being a snake. It's who they are, it's what they are.

  5. The bureauracy, by and large, is the Executive Branch. The President is the Chief Executive, i.e. head of the Executive Branch per the Constitution. How does Mr Somin expect Congress to modify that relationship? Another Moonbat in DC.

  6. The sick man of Washington DC is not the Executive branch, but Congress. No longer does Congress pass real laws. It passes legislation that leaves it to the President and the octopus of bureaucracies to fill in the details with regulations and rules. As they say, the devil is in the details. The bureaucrats run amok, and a politically inept Congress fails to act to bring them under control. There's a reason why the Constitution starts off with Article I establishing the authority and responsibilities of Congress first, followed by the Executive branch in Article II, and the Courts in Article III. That arrangement is supposed to reflect the primacy of Congress' authority and responsibility. Today the original, intended order of authority has been turned topsy-turvy. Congress needs to get its house in order and start acting like the representatives of The People, doing the People's business. The voters have spoken.

  7. Libertarians will stab you in the back every time. This jerk had eight years of Obama to rein in an out of control executive. He's just living up to the character of his ideology. Toilet flush him.