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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Go back to who, what, where and when

News organizations need to get back to the basics and quit looking upon themselves as some sort of "opposition party," before they, too, get voted out of office just like the Democratic Party masters they serve.

Public trust in the media fell to one-third in September when Gallup found only 32 percent of the public believes what they read in the newspapers, see on TV, or hear on the radio.

The situation likely is worse now.

From Breitbart News:
A new Edelman study shows that Americans trust the media less than ever, especially among voters who supported President Donald Trump.
Only 15 percent of Trump voters now trust the media, down six points since the presidential election.
Trust of the media among Hillary Clinton supporters is also down. Only 51 percent of Clinton supporters trust the media — down six points from 57 percent support before the election.
Pros know what the media needs to do. President Bush 43's first spokesman, Ari Fleischer, said in a podcast this weekend: “Here’s my advice to the press. Number one, be neutral, be fair, be accurate. If you do that, things will fall into place. Two, just cover it and let the implications be decided by the American people. Go on to your next story.”

Give light and the people will find their own way.

That was the motto of 19th century newspaper mogul E.W. Scripps. His newspapers earned the public's trust -- and kept it.

From Real Clear Politics:
The White House has vowed to hold the press accountable for its mistakes, and vigorously criticized the erroneous report that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. It had not.
“This is exposes one of the fundamental flaws of journalism these days,” Fleischer said. “Why didn’t the reporter, a good reporter, Zeke Miller of Time magazine, stop and ask a White House official if indeed the bust had been removed before he hit Twitter. Why did he tweet first and ask later? And this is a fundamental flaw in journalism. Reporters are under pressure from Twitter and social media to be fast and to be first,” which can result in being inaccurate.
Reporters should be under pressure to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Editors need to slice the fatty opinions from stories and actuaries. For example, they need to ban "Muslim ban" when neither word appeared in the presidential executive order.

More from Real Clear Politics:
A Shorenstein Center study of press coverage for the 2016 presidential election found Spicer’s assertion to be correct.
The report noted that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s “bad press” outweighed her “good press,” 64 percent to 36 percent, but Trump’s coverage was even more negative, 77 percent to 23 percent.
The study also found that: “Negative coverage was the order of the day in the general election. Not a week passed where the nominees’ coverage reached into positive territory. It peaked at 81 percent negative in mid-October, but there was not a single week where it dropped below 64 percent negative.”
Running twice as much negative coverage of Trump failed to elect Hillary because two-thirds of the public distrusts and ignores the media.

As a supporter of Trump, I should be thanking them.

Had they played it straight, Hillary might be president.


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  1. "Give light and the people will find their own way."

    That's a lot to ask of the MSM forces of darkness.

  2. I suspect the media needs a lot more beatings before they decide maybe, just maybe, they are doing it wrong.

  3. The first mistake is assuming they even care to be "journalists", whatever that might be. They are, first and foremost, by their own choice, Democratic Party propagandists.

    Prof. Reynold's 'Democratic operatives with bylines' doesn't push the point because most people today don't know what a byline is. Talking heads on TV or twits in twitverse don't have bylines.

  4. Me, I'd like to see "Stompin' Don" Surber installed as editor in chief, or possibly military governor, of the WP or the NYT.

  5. I think most Democrats also know that the Media lie through their teeth. They just approve of it.

  6. Had they done it straight you wouldn't have written two books. I hope you're making a lot of money off of them.

    Of course, they won't change because they are the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party, or, as Insty calls 'em, Dimocrat operatives with bylines. Opinion should be left on the editorial page where it belongs.

  7. How about this for a slogan "We Report, You Decide"

  8. This morning the Seattle Times had a pleading letter from the editors about how we all need to pony up and pay for our damn news and quit expecting them to work for free, or something. They do limit stories to 8 freebies a month, but I guess that's not cutting it. If they had allowed comments on the page, we could have told them why they're going broke, but they didn't, and God knows they'll never figure it out on their own.

  9. Read: 32% of the public are morons. Journalists are 2 rungs below used car salesmen and politicians on the trustworthiness hierarchy. I can't even believe they even have Schools of Journalism anymore: what do they do in class, sit around all day listening to leftist propaganda as they finger-paint.

  10. Journalism teach their students to "Make a difference". Newspapers follow the narrative, not the story. Apparently telling the truth is a revolutionary principle not to be espoused by the press.

  11. I'd appreciate an explanation of the use of the word "actuaries" in the post. I'm not familiar with that use of the word.

  12. The media need to put a picture of Jack Webb on every desk so they can channel Sergeant Joe Friday, "Just the facts, ma'am." - Elric

  13. Darn Gallup Polls. Gallup also said Trump set the record for number of days it took for a new president to earn a unfavorable rating from a majority of Americans in the history of its polling. 8 days! The next fastest: Bill Clinton - took him 573 days to earn such distinction. Great, the public disapproves of the president and the media.

  14. This survey has no credibility with me because the survey does not figure in the deliberate "non" news about Hillary. ie. All the times they could have written or exposed something, but didn't. I am thinking of her huge time off from facing the press (9 months?). This was hardly reported on. Whereas every time Trump said something it was taken to be bad and repeated endlessly. They are still saying Trump mocked a disabled reporter for his disabilities in spite of extensive video evidence that he always does those movements when mocking anybody. There is also a weighting should be applied to reports. A throwaway item at the end of the page on Hillary does not equal a screaming negative headline about Trump.

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