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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drop "The Resistance" crap, media

"Public approval of the national news media now stands at 14%, and the allegations the press are now making against the new administration are of no interest to any serious segment of the public," Conrad Black, a Canadian newspaper mogul, wrote.

One would think that for all their master's degrees, Pulitzer Prizes, and Nieman Fellowships at Harvard, today journalists would do a little soul-searching.

Instead, the White House press corps spent the weekend pleasuring itself over the size of President Obama's inauguration crowd, cheering on the march of Hillary supporters on Saturday, and the cast of SNL singing "To Sir With Love" to a poster of Obama.

The press sees its job not as a seeker of the truth, but part of a Resistance movement. For eight years, they served as the palace guard. Now they pretend they are the French Underground.

On Monday, President Trump became the first Republican president to receive praise from a group of union leaders after meeting with them at the White House.

Sure, mine workers president John L. Lewis (he of the bushy eyebrows) flipped Republican after a spat with FDR. And the original Jimmy Hoffa backed Nixon. But that was politics. This is business. Outside of government, only 7% of workers are unionized.

The press brushed that aside. Instead they clickbait. The Daily Mail had a story about an inauguration photo placed in the press room had the wrong date.

Citizen's Impeachment! Citizen's Impeachment!

Enough. Conrad Black hit on something I saw on Sunday's "Meet the Press" when Kellyanne Conway said "alternative facts." Chuck Todd immediately fell into her trap.

From Black:
Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times, who had loyally but lamely defended CNN’s airing of the Golden Shower piffle last week (while tacitly acknowledging that it was unfounded), warned darkly on Monday that the administration’s credibility will be destroyed if it doesn’t repair its relations with the media, which would entail appeasement of men and women who are practically unanimous in their hostility to Mr. Trump. It ill behooves an apologist for the veracity of the Golden Shower to accuse the always well-spoken Ms. Conway of fomenting lies.
So steeped in what Dr. Johnson called “the disingenuousness of years” is the Washington press, they still do not know what has happened. Donald Trump rallied the Archie Bunkers to win the nomination, added enough independents to win the election, counterattacked the press at every stage in the social media and through his talk-radio supporters, and is using the authority of his office to call out media lies through spokesmen. He is exploiting their high disapproval rating.
It is "Ballad of a Thin Man." They really don't know what time it is.

They are getting sloppy. The press pool on Friday reported that President Trump installed the Winston Churchill bust in the Oval Office -- and threw out Martin Luther King's bust. That was half-right. Both busts are now there. The real story is this proves President Obama lied when he said the office was not big enough for the both of them.

Then there was this from Media-ite:
ABC News apologized Tuesday after the Monday night edition of Nightline edited a quote from former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer in a way that made it appear that he was more critical of current White House press secretary Sean Spicer than he actually was.
That is pretty important. Fleischer was not combative with a press corps that while not as hostile as this crew, certainly exaggerated and misrepresented the Bush 43 presidency. Dubya kept him on a leash. Trump don't care.

More from Conrad Black:
The press will not have rebuilt its credibility until it recognizes how terribly it has disserved the country from Vietnam and Watergate all the way to the Golden Shower. The Democrats, presumably, will get the hint and change course and recruit better candidates; both sides come to bat. The press is like Talleyrand’s description of the Bourbons returning to Paris in 1815 in the baggage train of Wellington’s army: “They have forgotten nothing and they have learned nothing.”
In a few more years the Bourbons were gone forever; the press will cling on, but they will not make or break administrations as they have and will not regain public confidence from one election to the next, and not before they have conducted a profound self-reappraisal with the help of the 85% of the public who don’t believe them.
I have several ideas of how the press can get its groove back.

An Obama-sized honeymoon for Trump would be a good start.

But why bother giving an group of twits advice when they will not admit they have a problem?

From Jim Rutenberg:
It was chilling when Mr. Trump’s assertion that reporters were “among the most dishonest people on earth” became an applause line for the crowd gathered to hear him speak in front of the memorial to fallen agents at C.I.A. headquarters.
Still more chilling was when the White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Meet the Press” on Sunday to assert that Mr. Spicer’s falsehoods were simply “alternative facts.”
Ms. Conway made no bones about what she thought of the news media’s ability to debunk those “alternative facts” in a way Americans — especially Trump-loving Americans — would believe.
“You want to talk provable facts?” she said to the moderator, Chuck Todd. “Look — you’ve got a 14 percent approval rating in the media, that you’ve earned. You want to push back on us?” (She appeared to be referring to a Gallup poll figure related to Republicans’ views.)
And really, there it was: an apparent animating principle of Mr. Trump’s news media strategy since he first began campaigning. That strategy has consistently presumed that low public opinion of mainstream journalism (which Mr. Trump has been only too happy to help stoke) creates an opening to sell the Trump version of reality, no matter its adherence to the facts.
As Mr. Trump and his supporters regularly note, whatever he did during the campaign, it was successful: He won. His most ardent supporters loved the news media bashing. And the complaints and aggressive fact-checking by the news media played right into his hands. He portrayed it as just so much whining and opposition from yet another overprivileged constituency of the Washington establishment.
But will tactics that worked in the campaign work in the White House? 
Well they will work better than the constant attacks by the press did in both the nomination process and the general election. Rutenberg in August called for the press to drop any pretense of objectivity. It did. And with it it dropped any claim to be a free press that is vital to a democracy.

Ours is a democratic republic.

Press privileges are just that.

85% of the public revoked those privileges.

Good luck winning them back.



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  1. Until the business side of the press finds another way than to get journalist from indoctrination centers called liberal arts collages - things won't change in the quality of their profession and their porfits.

    No worries though, the public has already found a work around and when leftist journalist can no longer find jobs because their employers went out of business - things will change. Even communist propagandist and need to eat.

  2. 2016: "And in the red corner, the World Champion, Mainstream Media... BIFF!"

    2017: "And in the blue corner, the former World Champion, Mainstream Media... BIFF!"

    2018: "Roll up! Roll Up! Go three rounds with Battlin' Mainstream Media and win twenty bucks... BIFF!"

    "Duuh, boss, I'm makin' a comeback!"

    "Sure you are, MSM. Sure you are. (Sigh...)

  3. I may die before the media regains its credibility. Certainly, they have no intention of trying to regain it.

  4. As for the press getting it's groove back, first they'll have to dig themselves out of the cavernous hole they've dug themselves into. My impression is they're "doubling down" on their bet on the Dems.

  5. The left seems to want to make sucker punching one's opposition in public an acceptable thing. The best thing about all this is that the members of the press are easily recognizable.

  6. To me it is apparent the press doesn't care now and will never in the future care about "credibility". The reason is they make a nice living without it. Trump bashing and lies laced with fake news have made them better ratings, indeed richer than ever. What Trump originally proposed in his campaign, to open them to liable, would have some effect but even the Supreme Court with one of his nominees in place would probably not be helpful since precedent has made even lying almost untouchable. Today the WSJ reported that Bezos is expanding his delivery empire to and from China directly, increasing his revenues significantly. Will the WaPo ever stop trashing Trump? Never. Even if not one paper was sold in a week or not one click photon appeared in a month every paycheck would arrive on time for its collared servants as they scribble away trying to damage the enemies of their Stateless mega Master. There are others like WaPo, the majority even. It is true they have never encountered Someone like Trump but his power is in his office and will be effective only if he makes use of it in a way that hurts as I hope he does. The press was created as a constitutional entity by great men of great soul but small and selfish bipeds lusting for tribal hegemony have gained control of it and no longer deserve its powers or even to be protected by them.

    1. Ohmyfreakingodhowisanyonesupposedtoreadthis?

  7. Rutenberg of the NYT said, "...Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Meet the Press” on Sunday to assert that Mr. Spicer’s falsehoods were simply “alternative facts.”"

    Except the falsehoods weren't Mr. Spicer's; they were the media's. Pictures have now surfaced (one from the prime "Fake News" outlet CNN, showing that the crowd sizes for Donald Trump's inauguration were indeed as large as- or even larger- than Obama's.

    Kellyanne was offering the hook to the fish, and both Meet the Press and the NYT swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The "alternative facts" to the media's narrative are actually the "true" facts. I wonder if the MSM will ever admit it?

    I hope not, I'm enjoying this far too much!

  8. The media was successful in taking Wednesday from the high 80's to the teens and undermining mccain and romney campaigns. Trump fights back so they don't want him tweeting so they can control what we "know." EVERYTHING they do is intended to undermine President Trump.

  9. "One would think that for all their master's degrees, Pulitzer Prizes, and Nieman Fellowships at Harvard, today journalists would do a little soul-searching."

    You know the Lefties are never wrong.