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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Conservatives punch Twitter trolls back twice as hard

Twitter has verified accounts for very important people like Ira Madison III of MTV and Melinda Byerley, the founder of TimeShare CMO.

These two are social media pros who love to mock those lowly conservatives. They are so much more intelligent that they can devastate us, right?

Consider Ira Madison III tweeted a put-down of Jeff Sessions, who everyone knows is a racist bigot because he is a southern man -- a white guy from Alabama.

Madison mocked the appearance of Sessions's granddaughter at his Senate hearing.

Ah, how clever. How hip. How with it.

The outrage was so quick and fast that Madison deleted the tweet and made his Twitter feed private to protect him from further scrutiny.

Reported the Washington Times:
As Business Insider reported Tuesday, “The child is Sessions’ biological granddaughter. His family had accompanied him to his confirmation hearing.”
After deleting his tweet, Mr. Madison defended himself by tweeting, “I often tell jokes, but seeing as bringing up Sessions’ history of racial hatred of Asians is seen as an attack on his grandchild, I deleted[.]”
This is not the first time Mr. Madison has made a controversial racially charged tweet about a Republican close to President-elect Donald Trump. In March of last year, reacting to a tweet by Andrew Kirell of the Daily Beast about how former GOP presidential candidate “Ben Carson seems to suggest he’s been promised a role in a Trump administration,” Mr. Madison, who is black, replied, “House or field?” 

I remember 30 years ago people accused MTV of racism.

Now we have proof.

Then there is Byerley, who boasts of her social media prowess:
I can pick up the phone and talk to insiders at every major social media and marketing platform to get instant advice for your business.
She exhibited that prowess with a tweet that told bigots in Middle America that they will never get jobs because all of them are stereotypical racists. Readers may remember, I did a little digging and found she hires only "native English speakers."

(Lesson: Don't waste time tweeting back. Hit them on a format you control.)

Suzanne Lucas of Inc. followed up and wrote:
San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule 
Melinda Byerley thinks you're a racist if you live outside the big cities, but she only hires native English speakers, a clear violation of federal law.
Lucas is an expert on federal human resources law.


Subsequently, Byerley took her account private as well.

I defend the right of liberals to say racist things and pretend they are jokes.

But I also believe such actions have consequences.

If you boast about how good you are at social media, and then do something so dumb that you must take your account private, well, maybe you are not as good as you think you are.


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  1. Ira Madison III

    Can't see the guy's name without hearing Bud and Lou go "Third base!"

  2. This is why the Left has gone into such a rabid lather. Donald doesn't put up with their abuse. He fights back. They're like, wait, we thought you were you passive Christians who wouldn't do anything as we trod all over your faces. No longer, Progs. Welcome to the era of Muscular Christianity. Meaning, if I call my own number and meet you at the five yard line, I'm lowering my head and planting it in your chest as I score. Tim Tebow stuff. They be afraid. They be VERY afraid.

  3. The problem is: How can you have a society that is not racist, yet take race into account for everything?

  4. How long do you think you can get away with telling white people that they have to be colorblind and then discriminate against them on account of their race?

    1. And wasnt it MTV that produced that video telling white men what their New Year's resolutions should be?
      (My wife is Asian and can cuss out losers like this in multiple languages).

  5. I think folks were pretty tolerant of everything up through the Brown vs Education thing, the Civil Rights Bills, even the Bakke decision. But the cultural Marxists have just pushed too far and want absolute rule. If the university professors want everything to be about race, class and sex the worst thing I can imagine for them is that they get exactly what they've been asking for good and hard.

  6. That bit about Suzette just made me fell like I did on Nov. 9, 2016.


  7. By the way. My wife is not a native English speaker.

  8. Ira Madison III of MTV and Melinda Byerley of TimeShare CMO don't make their way around and through my circles of interest - so I really could care less what these non-people think or do.

    Social media is absolutely disgusting in its focus on the mundane. Insult are the name of the game and now we attack anybody and anything - just because . . .

  9. The LibCong need to discover that we're heavily-armed Pacifists.

  10. Isn't it wonderful how all these smart people on social media somehow manage to step into open manholes? Yes, it is sooooooooooo wonderful.

  11. The LibCong (ps: I really like that appellation, @MM) are finding out there's something worse than opening Pandora's Box: it's opening The Donald's Box. If they want to call people names and crowd-bully someone on social media, it's coming right back at them. There will be a cost. There will be pain.

  12. And the number two motivator of so called "Progressives" behind their all consuming hate is their blinding projection. They can't see that what they see in everyone else is themselves.

  13. Hey Don, man you really are giving it to the libtards! One note, buddy: as an attorney I have to warn you that you and the Suzanne lady, and probably Inc Magazine itself are wide open for a defamation claim. Especially Inc, since they have deep pockets, but it depends on the arrangement between them and the columnist. You're suggesting the company violated the law, and she's suggesting people file lawsuits. Neither of you are lawyers, and that's problematic in and of itself. (giving legal advice without a license is against the law.) The language you both called out is most definitely not a violation of the statue of the EEOC based on my experience. Assuming the people who wrote to the company withdrew business due to your counsel, you're wide open for a lawsuit, and so is the publication, and possibly her. Be careful, man. My guess is that is why the founder is so quiet. She might be preparing a case against you both--if I was her lawyer, that's what I'd tell her to do. and given her background, I bet there's a lawyer friend willing to take the case just to have their jollies. Have at her all you want for her tweets, but when you suggest there's legal action, you cross a line that makes it hard to justify if you're ever hauled into very liberal San Francisco. My two cents. I'm not your lawyer and this shouldn't be construed as legal advice.

  14. Can an unsolicited opinion, offered by a non-lawyer, regarding someone else's publicly stated opinion, really be construed as "legal advice"?

    If so, no wonder the legal profession is held in such low esteem by so many people.

    1. we like to cover our asses in legal land.