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Saturday, January 07, 2017

All in all, let's be bricks in the Wall

Terrific idea.


  1. Like the AIDS quilt, we can have portions of the wall made up of bricks engraved with the names of Americans that died at the hands of illegal aliens travel the United States. Or would that be considered cultural appropriation?

  2. Rather sponsor the razor-wire, or mebbe the voltage flowing through it.

  3. I agree to pay for Another Brick in The Wall, if for no other reason than I know it will irritate the hell out of Pink Floyd.

    1. Aren't they the worst? BDS crap band. Yep, piss em off

    2. I'm all in. Two bricks. One each for wifey and me. One will say STAY, and the other will say OUT. Let's do this.

    3. Hear, hear!! And I don't mean listen to those anti-Semitic bastids!!

  4. Trump has said the wall could cost $8 billion to $12 billion, be made of precast concrete, and rise 35 to 40 feet, or 50 feet, or higher.

    Precast concrete panels are very large purchases, "We don't need no education" to know that walls made from bricks won't be substantial. We also know that a Trump 1,000 mile wall costing $8 billion will look like the low separation wall like the Israelis built. Their 300+ mile wall cost them about $3 billion.

    1. "Commemorative bricks" as the tweeter put it are decoration. When they build ballparks, they sell them as money raisers, and put them in the sidewalk.
      Bonus: The concrete will be made in Mexico!

  5. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Damn Don! I gotta' chalk this up for another "When ya' snooze, ya' loose." Gnome Mindset beat me to it, although my suggestion is slightly different. I had been sittin' on this revelation of mine for a few days while I tried to extract just a clip of the chorus from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" to accompany it.

    Oh well, touché Gnome Mindset! I guess great minds really do think alike. Here's my suggestion:

    Why Don't We "Deplorables" Each Donate for "Another Brick in the Wall" ?

    Ya' know how different towns have those memorial walks where each brick is inscribed with the name of a person to be remembered? Or, where each person donates a brick with their name on it to show their support for some cause? We have such a walk in the town square of our county seat and it got me to thinking.

    Why not start such a fund to help Trump build his border wall? But, instead of inscribing the donor's name on the brick we could get the latest election rolls and each brick would be inscribed with the name of a Lib-O/Dim-O voter. After all, they were ultimately just as responsible as we "Deplorables" in helping Trump keep his promise.

    To paraphrase Pink Floyd:

    Hey! Liberals! Leave Trump alone!
    Or, you'll be just another brick in the wall.

  6. How about a GoFundMe account for Vicente Fox to cover his share of the costs for the wall? Then we can say "Sorry, Amigo Fox, you've already paid for the wall. . ."

    If it costs $8 billion and there are 122 million Mexicans, then his share is about $70 dollars. Should be doable. :)