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Saturday, January 28, 2017

72nd Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

As the countdown begins for the publication of "Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016," I share with readers the 72nd Amazon review of "Trump the Press."

Once again, it is a 5-star review.

From Fritz Sands:
An excellent and hilarious narrative of the 2016 Republican nomination and the pundits who got it all so very, very wrong
This is a fast and entertaining (and quite amusingly vicious) recapitulation of the 2016 Republican nomination process and Donald Trump's victory. As the title implies, it mainly focuses on how the press handled the process (poorly) and also how the political punditry did (ahahahahaha...).
He also discusses Trump's history and character (mostly positively) and the factors that led to Trump's unexpected (by the pitiful punditry) success.
He covers a lot of interesting bits of history. However the book, like, well, the whole process, gets more than a bit repetitive. But it really calls into question why the political chattering class is paid by anyone. Do they do anything actually useful?
Surber is, and was, a Trump supporter. So if you can't stand listening to a Trump supporter, this book is not for you. No point raising your blood pressure more than it is raised by daily headlines.
For my part, reading this book and reading Scott Adams' blog (which is referenced repeatedly in the book) has given me new ways to think about Trump's actions. Which I find useful.
So I recommend this book, but only if you are interested in the subject and if it is safe for your physical and emotional health.
Reviews like this are why I wrote the sequel. That and knowing in September he would take Ohio. Since 1860, Ohio has a 90% record as a bellwether.

I learn from the reviews, and as odd as it may seem the biggest lesson from all this is that writing is about the reader, not the author.

72 reviews. 69 5-star. two 4-star, and the one 2-star was from a fellow who liked the book, and was only disappointed I failed to include the general election.

We take care of that next month.


Please read "Trump the Press," in which I skewer media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

It covers the nomination process only. The general election will be covered in a sequel, "Trump the Establishment."

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  1. OT, Don, but: Did you see those articles about the Republicans, yesterday, in an internal crisis over how to replace Obamacare ... that they haven't decided what to do ... not even what to do when, but what to do at all?

    They've been CLAIMING they want to repeal/replace Obamacare since 2010 - THAT'S SEVEN YEARS AGO (in two months)! - and in all that time they have been raising money on repeal/replace yet HAVEN'T DONE A SINGLE THING ABOUT DECIDED HOW TO DO IT!

    They're ABSOLUTELY part of the SWAMP that needs DRAINING!

    1. Agree. Most Politicians do not know how to act. Just spout hot air and act like they know how to make a decision.

  2. We shall see. "Reports" from a media I stopped trusting decades ago