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Monday, January 02, 2017

62nd and 63rd Amazon reviews of "Trump the Press"

Jack Heslin liked "Trump the Press" that he took the time to write a nice review on Amazon.

Here it is:
Full of insights of one of the most historic events in American political history.
I followed the Trump journey of “Make America Great Again” almost from the beginning and I found Don’s book a wonderful resource to remember many of the details. His organization of the events and the details of the journey make this book a must have for anyone interested in knowing what happened. I hope Don continues to follow and write about the Trump administration as they lift America out of the darkness into the light. Strongly recommend “Trump the Press”.
Thank you. That's the first review in 2017. And moments later came the 63rd review, from "booklovermom":
Don Surber gets it. By that, I mean he doesn't just write what everyone else in the media is saying, but he takes the time to do research and provide something new and valuable to the discussion. He also writes clearly and his prose moves along nicely, keeping the reader engaged. If you like Trump and are glad he won you will enjoy this read. If you can't figure out why many people voted for him, but are willing to understand why they did (even if you don't agree), you are likely to find it informative. If you are with the press, please do read it - Surber spent decades as a working journalist and his critique is valuable. The news media didn't understand where many Trump voters were coming from, and it should have.
I have a feeling this will be a wonderful year.

Now back to work on the sequel.


  1. What I've said before. Don. My eyes are just itching to read your new book.

  2. #63 nails it. A spot-on review. Perhaps you can get permission to use it on the dust cover of Volume II.