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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yes, you do have to tell Syrians to wear deodorant

The bad news is that Quebec City will soon take 550 refugees, 400 from Syria.

The good news is the town has a mayor who is smart enough to tell them to adopt the Western standards of hygiene.

The entertaining news is the liberals are going into conniptions over this.

To help them integrate, city hall unveiled a guide last week, "Québec, Une ville pour moi" (Quebec City, A city for me) that spells out "common values" and ways of life in the province's second-largest city. Some of the values, such as the equality of men and women, are commonly recognized in Canada. Other rules in the booklet, whose contents were first reported in Le Journal de Québec, seem to treat newcomers as if they are joining the civilized world for the first time, or have never bathed.
The section on "Hygiene and body care," which is accompanied by a diagram of a dark-haired man with a beard, advises brushing one's teeth at least twice a day "with a toothbrush and toothpaste." Hand-washing is a must, "especially after going to the bathroom," among other occasions. Socks and underwear should be washed after each use. And when washing one's body, "pay particular attention to underarms, feet and intimate parts."
For household rules, the guide counsels limiting kitchen odours through the use of an oven vent, and removing shoes inside the house to avoid disturbing one's neighbours. In yet another rule aimed at removing "bad odours," the guide helpfully suggests opening a window.
Mayor Régis Labeaume defended the guide in Quebec City last week, calling it "completely normal."
"We could have just talked about sorting household garbage, but that is not enough," Mr. Labeaume said. "There are practices, ways, traditions that are different," he said. "There are laws and rules that exist here that might be different from the countries of origin of immigrants. So it's better to go this far."
Ah yes, recycling. Let's get the refugees to use deodorant first.

But there was a more serious side:
Quebec City's guide, which received funding from the provincial immigration ministry, also has a section on family violence. It says using violence against your spouse violates the Criminal Code, as is using "unreasonable" force or using a belt or ruler to punish your child. Sexual consent is necessary even among married couples. Incest is a crime.
"For example: Brother + sister = illegal. Parent + child = illegal," the guide spells out.
I trust a few mayors on this side of the St. Lawrence Seaway are willing to distribute similar material in their "sanctuary cities."


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  1. I expect that none of those mayors you have trust in are Democrats.

  2. It's entirely appropriate for refugees' hosts to set standards for behavior. The sad thing is that the same advice should be given to some natives as well. - Elric

  3. "For example: Brother + sister = illegal. Parent + child = illegal," the guide spells out.

    The reason liberals love abortion, it leaves no evidence of a crime. I think I read 40+% of abortion are on girls under 18. How many of them are raped by dad, boyfriend, uncle,brother, family friends, neighbors? Who knows? Seams to me being able to prosecute the pervs, finding out who the daddy is, would be the best way to prevent woman from being sexually assaulted. I thought liberals were all about protecting woman?

  4. Quebec used to be such a nice city. I guess this summer's visit may be my last.

  5. Where I lived when I was a kid guys bought their wives with cows and goats and put them to work raising crops and kids (children). Under colonial rule if a man declared himself to be a Christian these habits of culture were denied to him by law. But we're more enlightened now. All cultures are equal and colonial imperialism has been replaced with intellectual imperialism.
    You can probably guess which one I think is more destructive.

  6. I flew from Singapore to Bangkok with a plane load of arabs. The body odor stench was overwhelming. This mayor is just explaining that mideast hygiene isn't what it should be.

  7. My son worked for a contractor in Afghanistan giving weapons training to natives. The toughest part of the job? Training them to use a civilized latrine and NOT to wipe their asses with their hands.

  8. Desperately trying to get a copy of that Québec guide to spread around here in Montreal. Can you point out a PDF or paper version somewhere?