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Friday, December 02, 2016

Wall Street Journal bemoans Carrier deal

Sir Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal condemned the saving of 1,000 jobs in Indiana because -- gasp -- President Trump negotiated with the executives. This is somehow a "shakedown."

Oh, was it a shakedown when the Reagan administration bent broadcasting regulations in the 1980s that cleared the way for the Fox Broadcasting Network to get on the air? How about the millions in donations to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation from Murdoch, Murdoch's company, and his executives? Were they not bribes to curry favor in the Second Clinton administration?

Feigning ideological purity Murdoch's Wall Street Journal said in an editorial:
A giant flaw in President Obama’s economic policy has been the politicized allocation of capital, from green energy to housing. Donald Trump suffers from a similar industrial-policy temptation, as we’ve seen this week with his arm-twisting of Carrier to change its decision to move a plant to Mexico from Indiana.
I laugh at the intellectual dishonesty of equating a $50 billion "bailout" takeover of GM and Chrysler (Obama replaced GM's CEO) with the state of Indiana using its economic development department to entice Carrier to stay.

The snooty editorial concluded:
The better strategy is to support him when his policies promote growth and try to block him when he veers into big-government cul-de-sacs,” it concluded. “In that spirit, his Carrier shakedown is a short-term political victory that will hurt workers and the economy if it becomes the norm for the next four years.
Let's be practical. Those changes would come too late to save the 1,000 American jobs without presidential intervention right now.

But what do these ideological purists care? The newspaper's target audience is a few hundred CEOs of the largest companies, not the workers at Carrier or anywhere else. Murdoch wants President Trump to fail so the people can elect Hillary to do the bidding of the House of Murdoch.

The "tough crap" attitude toward American workers from Murdoch's Wall Street Journal has helped elect many a Democrat in my lifetime.

Which of course is exactly what Murdoch's Wall Street Journal wants.


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  1. Indiana isn't even giving Carrier a dime. It's not a subsidy at all. They are just taking a smaller tax cut of Carrier's profits. In return, Indiana is getting tens of millions of dollars in wages pumped into their economy. That is a GREAT deal for Indiana.

  2. The GOPe doesn't like it because they are not getting a cut.

  3. Apparently the Wall Street Journal can't see the trees for the forest. Every tree (employer) that is saved strengthens the entire forest. In this instance it is admittedly a stopgap measure, but it is a start. The serious effort will come when President Trump works with the Republican Congress to roll back all of the impediments to job growth. - Elric

  4. Actually the 1000 saved can also be 10,00 affected by the lose of the jobs. Families, business, tax receipts, schools, etc. So yes Dems it really is a big deal.

  5. I think I've found a way to account for the WSJ's journalism.

    "If you don't like your job, you don't strike! You just go in every day, and do it really half assed." Homer J. Simpson

  6. The WSJ is likely to soon be added to the NYT and WaPo on my "untrusted" list.

  7. Yeah, when Ronaldus told PATCO to shove it up their asses, there was much wailing and knashing of teeth from the WSJ back then too.These guys are buffoons. Move along, nothing to read there.

  8. Guess who ELSE bemoaned the carrier deal?

    Gov. Sarah Palin


    1. Probably got word that she wasn't going to be running the VA.

    2. Or Energy or the Interior. Very disappointing; we can indeed stick a metaphorical fork in her, as Garrett Patterson implied.

  9. 1,000 jobs saved is no big deal except, you know, to those 1.000 and their families!

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