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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Under President Trump, Americans set a car sales record

President Trump's election triggered a stock market rally, a record Black Friday, and a surge in car sales. Already discussed the first two. Let's look at the third one.

Things are so good, even Volkswagen is selling more cars again.

From USA Today:
Buoyed by renewed economic confidence following the presidential election, Americans snapped up new vehicles at a rapid pace in November, giving the U.S. auto industry a chance of breaking its all-time record for full-year sales.
With stocks hitting record highs following Donald Trump's victory, easy credit, strong employment and a solid housing market, vehicle shoppers had little reason to hesitate in the showroom.
General Motors and Ford Motor outperformed expectations, inspiring investors who have otherwise had a relatively ho-hum attitude toward their shares in recent years.
Foreign automakers also produced solid gains for the month, with German automaker Volkswagen Group's flagship brand even breaking a monthly sales losing streak that started with its emissions scandal in fall 2015.
"After one of the most contentious elections in the U.S., certainly in my lifetime, the question was what effect may that have on consumer confidence?” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota in the U.S. "Well, from my perspective, when you look at the strength of November — particularly what took place for us, and I assume the entire industry over the Thanksgiving holiday — consumer confidence is just fine.”
This has cost taxpayers nothing.

President Trump has not even taken office yet.

Eight years ago, stocks plunged, unemployment grew, and taxpayers were on the hook for $700 billion in a new entitlement for rich bankers who sank the economy. Not one of them went to jail over this, despite mass fraud and financial manipulation.

I am not blaming Obama for that. It happened on President Bush 43's watch.

But Obama's expressions of hope and change brought optimism in the government sector, and not in the private sector.

The election of President Trump has jump-started the economy.

We will Make America Great Again.


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  1. Morning in America.
    Mourning in DC.

  2. Just purchased a Subaru... Manufactured in Indiana.

    1. I heard Hondas were built in Ohio. I bought one in 2004. It was built in England. Bought another one in 2012. It was built in Mexico. My last MOPAR was built in Canada. At least my old Saturn was built in the US. But, of course, Obama, on behalf of the UAW, had GM kill Saturn.

      Maybe my next car will be built in the US. I'm thinking about a Toyota.

  3. No doubt the election of The Donald is helping. But I see where the EPA is trying to lock in their ideas of fleet fuel mileage standards. Eventually the required mileage of a vehicle will rise so high that all new cars will be pieces of crap compared to today's cars. I wonder if the prospect of that is helping drive new car sales. - Elric

    1. Hey ready to watch that crap get legislated away.

  4. The only sales record Pissy set was firearms and ammo.

  5. We WANT hope in America, and not hope in government.

  6. I'm surprised the Lame Duck hasn't tried to claim credit for it.

    1. If it isn't in the sports pages, he has to wait till some one gets back from a bar to tell him it was on Fox news.