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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

President Trump's tweets reformed politics

Yes I know Piers Morgan was an anti-Second Amendment twit at CNN. But now that he is back home as a morning anchor on one of those British networks, he is kicking ass. Morgan has a hotline to President Trump, which provides insights into the presidency none of the papers on this side of the pond seem to get.

Here is Morgan's take on Trump and Twitter:
‘Twitter helped win me the election,’ President-elect Donald Trump told me when we spoke two weeks ago.
He cited his extraordinary army of 16 million followers on the social media platform as one reason (he has almost as many on Facebook). Each follower represented a potential voter he could talk to directly on a daily, or hourly basis – in exactly the way he wanted.
The second reason, he said, was his ability to set the news cycle for a day with one solitary tweet.
He particularly loved the fact, as a businessman, that it costs him absolutely nothing; Twitter is the ultimate marketing tool.
Since the election, Trump has continued to set America ablaze with his tweets; from his calls for the musical Hamilton to be boycotted and flag-burning to be criminalized, to his angry attacks on Saturday Night Live, defense of his contentious phone call with Taiwan, and mockery of China’s hypocrisy.
Morgan got into Trump's trolling. He is a master at it. But Trump's tweets are the product. The process is telling.

President Trump is 70 and cheap. The old dog learned a new trick -- Twitter -- and saved a bundle on advertising.

Which meant he did not need to sell his soul to big donors.

Which meant he is beholden to fewer people.

Well, actually more people but in a positive way. He is beholden to the American people, particularly the 60 million of us who voted for him. He will have to keep his promises and he is. Just ask the people at Carrier.

This innovative approach to politics took big money out of politics. Why do you think the twits that run Twitter want to ice the right?

Now apply that to the federal government.

Do you really need Social Security offices all over the place when you can do that stuff online?


VA benefits?

All that routine paperwork can be handled online, and there are apps for that. (I have only a vague idea what an app is; I decided long ago to limit my technology to things I can master.)

In "Trump the Press," I laid out President Trump's management style. He will be something most politicians would not think of being: innovative in management.

From Morgan:
Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager for much of the race, told me recently he believed his old boss had three dominant virtues which enabled him to win: a) Utter fearlessness b) Huge stamina c) Ruthless competitiveness.
Now apply that to being president!

He ain't going to be presidential. Thank goodness. Being presidential would mean not taking that call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. He did. The message was clear: Hey Red China, we can always go back to the Two China approach.

Fearless. Ruthless. Stamina.

Donald Trump is setting himself for a successful presidency because he is the most experienced chief executive we have had. Forty years of CEO experience. When he began, Apple wasn't invented.

Now he tweets.


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  1. Yes, Big D. And also, a theme of his that really resonated with me: Ahead of schedule and under budget. If Trump had been in charge of the DC Metro repairs, it'd be completed by now. Instead, it continues to move along at snail's pace with 20-25 waits for commuters at many stations. How can you get to work on time or get home for dinner with your family, facing that shit? Donald is going to make people realize they'd been putting up with incompetency and meekly accepting it. No more. No mas.

  2. Just wait until Dems and some Rep oppose Trump and he unleashes a Twitter firestorm.

  3. Of course the media will produce polls telling President Trump to go back to traditional ways of communicating with the public. After this election, we all know the value of media polls. President Trump has proven the media irrelevant. They can't filter his messages when he deals directly with the people. He controls his message without the media.

  4. Morgan is actually intelligent? I guess he was paid to be snarky on CNN, and doesn't have to be, back home.

  5. Applying the LEAN process to politics, brilliant.

  6. There MUST be something in the water at CNN; since he left there Mr. Morgan has written/said a lot of things that make sense, astonishingly enough.....and when I think of what happened to Alisyn Camerota, who seemed to have her head on straight when she was at FNC but then went over to the proverbial dark side....

  7. Twitter is Trump's Fireside Chat, fighting Leftard fire WITH fire. Or twits with tweets. Who needs the MSM to be a President's mouthpiece now? They have to confine themselves to opinion pieces, and we all already know what their opinions are.

    A little bird seems to be telling me Mr Lah-de-dah Mainstream Media that you is slightly redundant,

  8. I get Trump's success and appeal with Twitter, but have to say I have no use or love for social media. The LSM has been deliberately deceitful and one sided; anybody can say anything on social media w no consequences for lying or slandering. The fact that social media is cheap does not redeem it in my eyes.

  9. Social Security (and Medicare, etc.) on-line? Surely you jest! You must not have tried the Federal on-line services before. I have. The Federal government is NOT Amazon. They don't know how to create a Website, any Website. Want proof? Obamacare. That is all the proof you need.


    1. They are yet to encounter the Lone Bulldozer of the Trumpocalypse.

    2. Dave Strikes AGAIN! Gooooooood one.