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Saturday, December 24, 2016

President Trump still confounds faux conservatives

First, let me share a tweet from a real man.

Steven Miller, a true conservative who once opposed President Trump, has seen the light.

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, has not.

His publication has been wrong about President Trump's hair (it is not a toupee), President Trump's skin (it's not orange), President Trump's fingers (they are not short), President Trump's followers (we are not Nazis following "father fuhrer"; nor do we whelp children like stray dogs do), President Trump's policies (he's not a liberal); President Trump's chances in two electoral cycles, Rich Lowry has ignorantly doubled down to pronounce, stupidly:
Donald Trump was supposed to take over the Republican Party, but the question going forward will be whether the Republican Party takes over him.
If true, then why all the caterwauling about Against Trump and Never Trump?

President Trump indeed took over the party and gave it the White House. He can finish the Reagan agenda thanks to the Newt Gingrich Revolution of 1994 after 40 years, which took back the House, and the Tea Party of 2010, which took the House back after four years.

President Trump has proved his critics among conservatives wrong. He is a mainstream Republican who succeeded in winning by including the working class. Without his theatrical antics, President Trump would be Mitt Romney, aka Roadkill. (Even down to the not smoking and not drinking.)

Conservatives like Miller now get it.

Faux conservatives like Rich Lowry never will.


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  1. Lowry and the rest of the #nevertrump people need to do a couple of things going forward; one of which is to actually define what they mean by "conservative" and what the hell they want. My bet is that they (still) can't define/formalize what their bitch is. They, for the most part, just love to whine because they grew up as pearl-clutching name-dropping chattering class plebs.

    In addition to Kristol, NR will soon have a entire pit staffed by "editors at large" because that product doesn't have any relation to the majority of right thinking Americans.

    If it's the fact that "their" conservatives need to be clones of Jeb!s or Lindsey Grahams, or John McCains, Ryans, or any other Vichy surrender monkey, let's just get that out in the open and get that no fault divorce. Usually, that puts an end to the sniping one way or another.

    When they all start spending most of their time on MSNBC before 9 eastern they will know they've made it to the bigs.

    1. I've gotta slow down when I'm reading. I read your last 'graph as "...start spending most of their time on MST3K..." and I was wondering what Mystery Science Theater 3000 had to do with it.

    2. Stopped reading NR some years ago.

    3. There is a difference between MSNBC and MST3K?

      Yeah, Don. All the realism's gone out of the former.

  2. NR has backed itself into a corner, and is busily bricking up the entrance.

  3. I dont think this will ever stop. My own feeling is that they fear him because is rich and unaccountable, with a history of liberal positions. He reminds them of Nelson Rockefeller, for them the worst kind of creature, a liberal Republican painted with faux ochre, and thickly so. Lowrey and his group perhaps would not admit it, but they are in fact the Savonarolas of the Conservative Faith. They long for Trump to fail so they can subject Don among others to an auto de fe. Perhaps Don is already floating in some hippocampal maze of theirs, tied to a stake, a thousand copies of TTP drenched in gas packed high about him,waiting for the match.
    For Defenders of the Faith there is no compromise. Most eventually end up powerless and at the mercy of enemies far worse than Donald Trump.

    1. I think, in English, your comment is:

      The NeverTrump of National Review fear that Donald Trump is a Nelson Rockefeller; and they hope that Trump is so that when Trump goes all Liberal then the NeverTrump of National Review can burn the Don Surbers at the stake. Something they have fantasies about doing right now.

      -Mikey MTH

    2. Except the Bush clan is closer to the Nelson Rockefeller type than anyone else I can think of. Which Donald Trump is not anywhere near that.

      So if someone could please explain to me how Donald Trump is Nelson Rockefeller and Ronald Reagan at the same time, I would greatly appreciate that.

      -Mikey NTH

    3. A good translation Mikey, thank you for the effort. Nelson R is the creator of the modern welfare state in NY where I live. Republicans who have liberal policies can and do mobilize Democtcatic support and in effect become dictators over their more Conservative supporters, even destroy them, as happened here. Nixon is another example. Trump has a liberal past and is not an intellectual who has an interest in the fine points of policy that these men feel must be explained and embraced using Reagan's vocabulary. Why he is actually opposed by the never dudes is unknown to me. From their Comments on Fox they seem to despise him because he is not inspiring to them, no profound speeches of soaring Ciceronian rhetoric for example,just tweets. To them, perhaps,he is really a barbarian charlatan, not unlike Hitler who became a success by mobilizing the non intellectual masses with hollow but effective rhetoric, eventually causing a political disaster and vacuum on the right which the left has filled for 80 years. But the destruction wrought by Nelson also comes to my mind.It is more immediate,less theoretical or convoluted.

    4. It's because he is not like them, and they are not like him; he's a doer, not a thinker and writer. He jumps at an opportunity, and they merely think how many ways can that hurt us, and not do it.

    5. This is absolutely true. As philosophers they have fine points to grind and he just doesn't listen to them. He shows no respect which is probably hard for them to take. I'm told that today they compared his family to that of Saddam and called them "cretins". This is the cry of the trashed philosopher genius dressed in rags.

  4. Funny - I read all these "conservatives" for decades. Until this year, I didn't realize the extent to which they regard me as uneducated and stupid. And I have to admit, having read National Review and NRO for the years that I did, I do feel pretty stupid. I had pretty much given up on NR when Rich Lowry took over, but this election sealed it.

    So thanks to Donald Trump for bringing all these fools out in the open. I save a ton of time not reading or listening to those who not only disagree with me but who openly despise people like me. We shall see whether Trump's presidency will go well, but by God he fought for it, and with no help from the Republican "vanguard".

    And spare me the "listen to opposing views" tripe. I know what the left thinks. I shouldn't have to worry about my own side. The only cure for these traitors is being ignored.

    Merry Christmas, Don, and thanks for the moral support throughout the election cycle!

  5. Trump exposed them for the girly men they've become.