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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

President Trump proves the press wrong again

From CNN on February 16: "Why it would be tough for Trump to bring jobs back from China."

From Fortune magazine on August 22: "Why Trump’s and Clinton’s Promises to Revive Manufacturing Are Cruel."

From USA Today on November 4: "Why Donald Trump will fail to bring back factory jobs."

From Business Insider on November 25: "Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Paul Krugman: No matter what Trump does, manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the US."

From NPR on December 1: "Carrier Will Keep 1,000 Jobs In U.S., But Trump Faces A Much Tougher Problem."

From CNBC on December 1: "Trump's Carrier deal aside, here's why most US factory jobs aren't coming back."

And lest we forget Economist Nate Silver and his friends from 538 on May 16: "Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back."

And there were these bizarre sour grapes from the Los Angeles Times on August 11:"Reality check: Manufacturers returning to U.S. may mean jobs for robots, not people."

Now the real reality check.

From the Associated Press:
Japanese electronics company Panasonic and U.S. electric car maker Tesla said Tuesday they plan to begin production of photovoltaic cells and modules at a factory in Buffalo, New York.
The two companies said they finalized an agreement calling for Tokyo-based Panasonic to pay capital costs for the manufacturing. Palo Alto, California-based Tesla made a "long-term purchase commitment" to Panasonic.
Their statement gave no financial figures.
The factory in Buffalo is under development by SolarCity Corp., a San Mateo, California-based solar panel company owned by Tesla. The PV cells and modules it produces will be used in solar panels for non-solar roof products and solar glass tile roofs that Tesla plans to begin making, the announcement said.
The press never learns. Too many "reporters" are really slow-witted and intellectually lazy Social Justice Warriors.

These are their "business" reporters and they know nothing of trade agreements, state economic development incentives, and the presidential power to impose tariffs. Also, they ignored President Trump's call to slash corporate income taxes.

The press was as wrong about manufacturing as they were about Trump's nomination. Read all about that too, in "Trump the Press."


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  1. They know nothing about business or basic economics. And as you said, they are too lazy to learn. Tgey don't even realize that their employees basic objective is to make money. Not employ them or save the world.

  2. That's strange, why was my Nissan was built in Mississippi. Oh yeah, to avoid tariffs. I guess the intellectual journalist all ride in limos or taxis and never actually owned a vehicle except something made in Canada or Mexico.

    1. Hey... My Plymouth minivan was made in Canada. My son's F150 was made in Mexico. One of my Hondas was built in Mexico and the other in England. Geez. And I thought Hondas were made in Ohio.

    2. But both of my BMWs were built in South Carolina.

  3. The Liberal echo chamber has to reinforce their constructed narrative amongst themselves, therefore it seems to others that they tend to talk just to hear themselves talk. - Elric

  4. About 150000 new manufacturing jobs centered in the rust belt would make Trump president for 3 terms. Yuk Yuk. Basically no matter what he does it won't be enough for the Cloaca dwellers in the media but I think they will be surprised again, deny it all happened.

    1. If the media doesn't deny it happened, they will attribute it to the economic foundation laid by obama. More fake news that will repeated in an attempt to give obama a legacy and deny Trump.

    2. Today consumer confidence hit the highest reading since 2001. The reason given is Trump and only him. But Jim is right, distortion and lies will follow any good news due to his actions. The important thing is that as the election showed what the media says has little influence on political power, at least for now. WaPo is hiring 70 new Journalists in 2017. What do you think their job will be after the 40 they ordered to destroy Trump before the election failed in their mission?

  5. It's almost like being decisive and forging a new path makes others follow you, or something. Huh.

  6. The Know Nothing media just loves to Know Nothing, and print it/speak it/pixel it.

  7. It actually surprises me to hear liberals say that manufacturing can't be brought back or improved. They were the ones who kept tariffs so high back in the sixties and seventies in order to keep out foreign made vehicles while domestically made cars got worse and worse (in part because of the ludicrous environmental regs-- I remember my dad test driving a new car with so much junk under the hood you couldn't see the engine and it barely got enough power to drive out of the lot-- drove used cars for twenty years after that). Now we're getting some domestic manufacturing of autos back because of right to work laws, and they won't say that this is a good thing because of the UAW. Trump is only proposing using some of their old policies in a modified way and they can't stand the idea because they can't stand him, and they won't admit the truth.
    The libertarians talk out of both sides of their mouths, too. On one hand they will complain that we don't have free markets, and on the other any time somebody makes something good they attribute the good thing to free markets in action. Which one is it? If they admit that we can have good things with a pragmatic engagement of both foreign and domestic producers keeping the public good at heart their ideology goes out the window.
    Bottom line here is that the libs are tied up with identity politics and unions and are paralyzed by this and the libertarians by an ideology that only works on paper or if everyone in the game can be trusted to play with everyone else's best interest at heart. The whole reason Trump won the election is because he doesn't play by the rules that everyone else hamstrings themselves with. His presidency looks like more of the same as long as we back him up, because the congress is as likely to shoot him in the back as the democrats are.

  8. McConnell might well picture himself as Big Jim Walker.

  9. Funny how it's so difficult until somebody just commits to doing it.

    Trump spent his whole life getting things done.

    Lefties like President Pissy spent their lives complaining, but doing nothing.

  10. Don, I have to ask. Do federal subsidies for solar power modules have anything to do with the Panasonic/Tesla venture?

  11. I have a theory about the media. I like to say that In Texas we talk slow because we don't want to get ahead of our thinking. The media must talk real damned fast.

    1. Most of what passes as food-for-thought in the media these days is just chewing-gum for the mind.