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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

President Trump is plane right.

Reporters woke up to this tweet on Tuesday:

Well, Washington Post hatchet man Glenn Kessler -- pretending to be a "fact checker" -- leaped on The Donald and did some research -- only to discover it will cost $4 billion to build a new Air Force One. The costs include development and design.

Rather than Man Up and admit President Trump was right, the weasel Kessler slapped a misleading -- and frankly libelous -- headline on his story:
The inaccuracies in Donald Trump’s Air Force One tweet

Paragraph 12 in the 12-paragraph story:
Todd Harrison, a defense budget expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said “the program is very new and hardly had a chance to get started yet.” So, in effect, there are no real cost overruns yet. He added that the estimated $4 billion cost is reasonable given the requirements of the project.
Well the elected president disagrees with Harrison.

And that $4 billion price tag is accurate.

There are no inaccuracies. Was the statement true? Will it cost $4 billion to build a brand new 747 Air Force One?


The headline is false. Kessler knows damned well it is. The intent is malicious.

Kessler awards Pinocchios on a scale of one to four. This time he awarded none.

I have a puppet of my own to hand out.

For a misleading headline, I give Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post FOUR KNUCKLEHEAD SMIFFS.


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  1. Does the Boeing price includes kickbacks already paid to The Clinton Foundation? Someone needs to explain to Boeing and Kessler that is no longer operational. Sad!

  2. Boeing should donate the planes as a form of contrition for all of the cost overruns on their defense department contracts. - Elric

  3. Without fake news, CNN, NYT, BSDNC, et al would print very little, if anything.

  4. Nice to have someone who counts the cost.

  5. No bid or single bidder contracts should ALWAYS come under the microscope. Competition is how a gubmint entity knows it's not getting shafted, and how the public knows kickbacks are probably not involved. There are times and services when it's appropriate to arbitrarily pick a single vendor, but a $4 B fleet of two planes is not one of them.

  6. Verb: To Kesslerize a headline.

    Noun: Kesslerole

  7. Trump is so wrong ... again. Nothing new. Boeing currently has a contract for $170 million with the US govt to develop the specs and program for two new Air Force One jets to be in use by 2024. Where the heck does Trump get $4 billion is being spent right now? Totally inaccurate. Yes, the program which could lead to the building of TWO (not one) AF1s could go as high as $4 billion but that is all purely conjecture. Not one penny has been spent building these jets, nor is there a contract for them to be built.

  8. WaPo blew it again? Quelle suprise!!

  9. Not stupid---evil.

  10. Boeing just got in contact with Trump and said-Let's
    Keep an eye on this one...
    TG McCoy

    1. Actually, according to Trump, the Boeing CEO and he have already talked and according to Trump, "we're going to work it out.”
      Interesting how the Boeing CEO speaks harshly of Trump's proposed trade policies in a Chicago newspaper story on Tuesday that shortly thereafter, Trump immediately tweets out something negative toward that CEO's company. Talk about thin skinned. What a baby. Trump does know he was elected "president" and not "king"? I can just imagine the reaction from the alt-right had Obama decided to cancel plans for the very best state-of-the-art Air Force One jets and opted to stick with the current 25-year old plus ones. There wouldn't be enough Depends to go around for you AWM.

    2. Do you even know any conservatives? If it had been up to me, Obama would have flown coach on his many lavish junkets.

    3. Fortunately, it was not up to you. You realize Obama spent less time out of the White House that Reagan or Bush II. Would you have made those two fly coach also?

    4. @Anon - how do you know obama spent less time out of the WH? Is your name Reggie by any chance?

    5. @Anon - such info is not hard to find if you are willing to dig beyond Trump's tweets for your news. Various credible reports note that Bush 2 was away from the White House nearly four times as many days as Obama and Reagan nearly three times as many days as Obama. Mkelly still doesn't answer my question either: If Obama should have flown coach, should Bush 2 and Reagan - who took many more flights - done the same?

  11. Well Don, it appears that you are making headway and getting some serious scrutiny. As Soro's paid trolls are finally arriving!