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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

President Trump gets Boeing to negotiate price

The Art of the Deal continues as Boeing wants to talk to President Trump over the price of the upgraded Air Force One.

Anyone who read my book expected this. Seriously. Trump the Press includes a few chapters explaining the man, besides eviscerating the press coverage of him.

President Trump tweeted that $4 billion was too much to pay for the Air Force One upgrade (which includes two planes) and the media attacked him.


Did Not.


It worked. From Bloomberg:
Boeing Co. executives told officials on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team that the cost of a new version of Air Force One could be lowered if the government agrees to reduce its requirements for the plane, people familiar with the discussions said.
The company’s executives reached out to Trump’s staff after the Republican said on Twitter on Tuesday that plans for a new Air Force One should be canceled because of "ridiculous" costs. The missive put in Trump’s sights both a plane that is one of the most visible symbols of the American presidency and a firm that is the nation’s largest exporter.
“Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion,” Trump said in his tweet. “Cancel order!”
The company is the latest to be singled out by Trump, who last week announced a deal with United Technologies Corp. to keep a U.S. factory open instead of moving production to Mexico. The president-elect, who turned jobs and trade into defining issues of his campaign, tweeted about Boeing days after Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg called on him and Congress to ensure that U.S. companies have the tools to compete in a global economy.
The media spin is President Trump is picking on these multi-national defense contractors -- after years of the media attacking them. Will the $600 toilet ever die?

Boeing is willing to cut the costs, but that really is not the taxpayer's concern. Price is. Two different things.

President Trump will listen. He will want the price without the cost cuts. Then maybe he will consider reducing requirements. It is like buying a new car. Do I really want my Jetson car to fold into a briefcase?

(Answer, yes. You do want your Jetson car folding into a briefcase.)

President Trump has made defense spending and waste a top priority. In one tweet.

I expect a visit to Trump Tower by Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing.


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  1. Actually the spin is: Trump was attacking a corporation soon after that corporation's CEO questioned Trump's forecasted trade policies. Trump is such a baby. Don - Muilenburg and Trump have already talked.
    The real question here is: Would Trump have made such an issue out of this had the Boeing CEO never question his trade policies? That is why the media questioned Trump (and his ever-present lack of facts and details).

    1. And now corporate CEO's know they will get push-back when they question Trump? And he comes at them sideways. These guys really don't know there is a new game in town but they are learning.

  2. President-Elect Trump is a man of action and gets results. Taxpayers deserve to get the most for their money. - Elric

    1. Man of action. Ha. Rather that tweet about Boeing to get even with its CEO, why is Trump so silent on the many MSM stories on the Pentagon burying a report that said it could have save taxpayers $125 billion by eliminating wasteful spending? Can you have Trump tweet about that please.

    2. Ha! Ha! Ha! You funny! - Elric

    3. The Pentagon - in its own commissioned report - states that it found $125 billion in wasteful spending. That's funny? All you old timers here are a strange lot.

    4. Maybe, Anon, DJT, like the rest of us, just heard about the rumors about the report. And maybe he'll tweet something about it when he has finished assembling his cabinet. This "scandal" happened on Obama's watch. Has he said anything about it? Boy, talk about strange, shifting the blame from the guy who was in charge to his successor who's not even officially the Prez-elect yet for another two weeks.


  3. "Will the $600 toilet ever die?"

    Well, with all those Leftie hopes and dreams in the crapper, they'll need those four-flushin' varmints of the MSM to, umm, "force the issue".

  4. I'm sure there are enough bells and whistles in the design to cut a few hundred million.

    Remember when Boeing was starting the plant in SC? Their intent was to move their whole production there to get out from under the union thugs. Obama's gubmint labor thugs forced them to agree to just assemble the Dreamliner in North Charleston. Trump could be their best friend or their worst enemy. As much as Boeing makes on Defense they ought to supply the new AF 1's at cost.

  5. We shall see, but already he beats what Obama's done in the last 8 year.s.