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Monday, December 05, 2016

President Trump does not need Kerry's advice

President Trump has not called Non-President Kerry -- and the man America rejected in 2004 is pissed.

From John Kerry:
"We have not been contacted before any of these conversations. We have not been requested to provide talking points."

What does he have? A mouse in his pocket singing "You've Got A Friend"?

President Trump already has his talking points:
America First.
Make America Great Again.
More from Kerry, the Not So Swift Boater:
"I do think there’s a value, obviously on having at least the recommendations, whether you choose to follow them or not is a different issue, but I think it’s valuable to ask people who work the desk, and have worked it for a long period of time, their input on what’s the current state, is there some particular issue at the moment.
"I think that’s valuable, and I would certainly recommend it, but, obviously, that hasn’t happened in a few cases."
All John Kerry has done is make Hillary Clinton the second-worse Secretary of State in American history.

The Obama administration threw away America's victory in Iraq, embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, mocked America's victory in the Cold War, created havoc in Libya and Syria (which led to the Muslim invasion of Italy and then the rest of Europe), and gave Iran billions to fund terrorists.

A more worthless group of traitors -- and the are traitors -- we never have had in office.

Never again, America.

We just dodged a bullet.

President Trump should call Kerry. And laugh.


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  1. With Hillary and Kerry at the helm of the State Department America was made to look a laughingstock. Kerry needs to take and around the world voyage on his yacht and not come back. Wherever he stays he'll still have his wife's fortune to live on. - Elric

  2. Intereating article: The Left's Coming Counter-Attack.

    1. Counterattack!! With popguns and squibs.

  3. Replies
    1. Hahaha! Chris Plante, my guy on WMAL when I'm driving in the morning, calls him Boltneck. I wouldn't trust John Kerry to tell me how to scrub a toilet. Just go away, Boltneck.

  4. Maybe lurch thinks the botoxed buffoon he sees in the mirror is his partner. Thus the we. This is the last man to call for advice (but not far ahead of Obama and jimmah cahtah

  5. Sometimes, Mr. Kerry, the record of action is loud enough to drown out any squeals from the incompetent.

    In your case, as well as a recent EX-SOS, your actions have summed you up perfectly.

    Now sit down and shut up.

  6. Can you imagine if Trump had called Kerry the day before the election?

    I'm sure Kerry would have had his butler tell Trump to please never call his number again, and if he wanted to visit, he should use the tradesmen's entrance around back.

  7. Second Worst SoS? Nah, HiLlARy still holds that. Ketchup is too stoopid to give her a run for her money. Heck, hakf of the bad on his watch are attributable to her because she planted the seeds of destruction.

  8. Kerry's pissed?

    A mind is a terrible thing to "waste".

  9. And the left plays on. President Trump has not named his SOS, so who the hell is Kerry going to give his "notes" to? No wonder the world is starting to respect America again, with idiots like this gone, there will be order again.

  10. Hey John, why the long face?

  11. "All John Kerry has done is make Hillary Clinton the second-worse Secretary of State in American history."

    This is PRICELESS. Well, maybe not priceless - but due to poor timing (wrt: drinking coffee while reading this), I'm going to need a new keyboard... ;-)