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Monday, December 05, 2016

Ohio State students want right to bear arms on campus

I did not write about the Islamic terrorist attack by Somali national  Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a student at Ohio State who injured 13 people before a cop killed him. I employed my 24-hour waiting period in breaking news, and by that time there was nothing left to say.

Except now there is more to say.

Madison Gesiotto, 24, a law student at Ohio State and a columnist for the Washington Times, is leading the charge to allow students to bear arms on campus.

From Gesiotto:
The reality is that criminals and terrorists do not respect the law and will not follow the law regardless of what anti-weapon regulations that a university puts into place, which is why we need campus carry now more than ever. Students, professors and visitors of not only The Ohio State University, but of universities nationwide should be empowered and encouraged, not discouraged and unable, to protect themselves and those around them.
Not only could lives be saved, but future attacks could also be prevented. By changing to a common sense concealed carry option for those who have legally obtained their license to conceal and carry in their state criminals and terrorists will be less likely to attack, since they do not carry out attacks as often in areas where a population is known to be armed, trained and ready to act.
Let’s stop the nonsense, before more victims are harmed and lives are lost. Our children and our children’s children are depending on us.
If you are responsible enough to take out a student loan of $100,000, you are responsible enough to carry a gun to protect yourself.


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  1. I wish people (including you, Don) would stop using the word "injured" when someone is attacked but survives. You see it over and over, "X killed, XX injured in bombing, shooting spree, terror attack," etc. To quote from Band of Brothers, "wounded is when you get hit, injured's when you fall out of a tree." It seems like the word "wounded" has disappeared from our vocabulary, except for the Wounded Warrior Project.

    1. I heartily agree. With all due respect to Mr. Surber, the politically correct have bombarded us with euphemisms and other assaults on semantics for so long it is possible to make a mistake without even recognizing it. - Elric

  2. Buckeye Nation, baby! Daughter in law works for the FBI (Ohio girl) and my wife outshot me in the .22 when we were in the Air Force (Ohio girl). The Scarlet and Gray, reppin for America.

  3. Also notable that Miss Gesiotto is a former Miss Ohio USA (2014).

  4. The left WANTS us unarmed and unprotected.

  5. There was a bill in committee in the Ohio legislature allowing CC on all state campuses PRIOR to the terrorist attack at OSU. I believe I read it is now going to be put on the front burner.

    When I attended OSU in 1970 the campus cops were pretty much of a joke. I have to admire the campus cop that thought and acted so quickly to take down the murderous asshole.