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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Obama says Germany is a model for handling Muslim migrants

One month ago...

I don't want to say he is the dumbest man we have ever had as president...

But he is.

From his speech in Berlin on November 17:
As part of the coalition against ISIL, we are putting that terrorist network under tremendous pressure. Here in Berlin, this week, coalition members are meeting to ensure we remain unified and focused on our mission to destroy ISIL.
We are very grateful for the vital contributions Germany has made to this fight -- training local forces in Iraq, sharing intelligence, providing reconnaissance aircraft, including the recent deployment of additional NATO AWACS.  And as Iraqi forces continue the liberation of Mosul, I am pleased that NATO will be meeting the commitment we made in Warsaw to begin training additional forces in Iraq, which started this January. 
We also continue to stand united with Germany and our NATO allies in our ongoing efforts to build peace and stability in Afghanistan.   
On Syria, it's clear that the indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the Assad regime and Russia will only worsen the humanitarian catastrophe, and that a negotiated end to the conflict is the only way to achieve lasting peace in Syria.
Angela and I also agreed on the need for a comprehensive and humane response to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Syria and for the influx of migrants and refugees from around the world.   
We need to build on the progress achieved at the U.N. Refugee Summit, which yielded new commitments from some 50 nations and organizations. The United States is doing our part by increasing the number of refugees we resettle. And I want again to commend Angela and, more importantly, the German people for the extraordinary leadership and compassion that you have shown in the face of what I know is a very difficult challenge. You are not alone in trying to deal with this challenge.
This is not an issue that any one country should bear but is in need of an international response.  And I not only intend to make sure that we have put in place more robust support from the United States, but I'm hoping that that continues beyond my administration. 
On this final visit, I am reminded of the visit I made here before I became President.  It was eight years ago.  I had no gray hair.
But I believe today what I said then:  If you want a model for what is possible, if you want to see how to build a peaceful and prosperous and dynamic society, then look at Berlin and look at Germany.  Look at Chancellor Merkel.  Her personal story helps to tell the story of incredible achievement that the German people have embarked on and I think is something that you should be very proud of. 
He is now safely golfing in Hawaii, far from the grim reality facing Germans: That they too elected a socialist, terrorist-loving failure as their leader.

Hope and change arrive on 20 January 17.


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  1. I hope he stays in Hawaii through the rest of the century.

    Merkel has no kids so she could care less about the future. What a disaster she has been.

  2. The only reason I can think of to bring Muslims into democratic countries is that it will be easier to kill them. That is eventually what they want to do to us - or make us slaves. - Elric

  3. And the worst thing about the murderous bastards is the way they slink around in the shadows, not having the cojones to form an actual army. They're cowards.

    1. The Russian ambassador's assassin shot him in the back.

    2. And the Russians will kill every member of the assassin's extended family. The bum was in Erd's security detail which I'm sure the Russians found interesting.

  4. When Europe and Canada falls to Islam; we will be one of the last western democracies standing. The Trump administration needs to enact a policies now that keeps Muslims out of the US and allow the free flow of Christian Europeans/Canadians to enter/retreat to our country as asylum seekers.

    We will end up fighting the European/Canadian Islamist caliphate from the US within the next 20 years to stop Islam in. We might as well start planning for that war now, it will be ugly, but will be needed.

  5. "That they too elected a socialist, terrorist-loving failure as their leader."

    Great line. Once again. Best blog of 2016!

  6. obama may or may not be the dumbest president but he is certainly the first president elected who hates America.

  7. Not necessarily dumb, but he completely ignores what doesn't interest him, and there is so MUCH that doesn't interest him. The house next door on fire would likely not interest him, for instance.

  8. I hope he decides to change into a woman. I'd come out of retirement to do that one.

    1. I trust you'll be using the rabid-weasel-down-the-trousers-ectomy procedure?

    2. I'll need an assistant. I think I'll call in a moyel friend of mine. Rabbi Kutcherkokoff.

    3. He has to get changed in to a man before he can get changed into a woman.
      Not. Gonna. Happen.

      But, on the 1 in ten to the trillionth possibility it did, would you use a chainsaw or TNT o remove the testicles?

  9. Not the dumbest, but the biggest fool.

  10. "A principal tenet of realism is that disorder is worse than injustice, since injustice merely means the world is imperfect, whereas disorder can mean there is no justice for anyone.”

    Robert Kaplan

  11. If things keep going to hell because of Merkel's Marauders, a new German Model is exactly what certain murdering SOBBs should fear.

    Model. First name Walter.

  12. It's a model, all right--of what to NOT DO.

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  14. So is it he or James Buchanan, Jr., the Democratic President prior to the War of Northern Aggression, the worse President in history. If we see a mushroom cloud over a major city in the US caused by ISIS we will know the horror of electing someone again who leads from behind.

  15. To say that "Obama says Germany is a model for handling Muslim migrants" is true. What it doesn't speak to - is what is the object of that model? I think therein is the disconnect. We expect the model to preserve the host country and culture, and the 'migrants' come to peaceably integrate - not subjugate.