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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No need for a press conference, President Trump

President Trump postponed his press conference on what he will do with his assets but... we need one?

President Trump has said this all along. His kids will run the company.

Set the Wayback, Sherman, for 22 July 2015 -- and the Anderson Cooper show on CNN.
COOPER: Who would run your business if you're president? 
TRUMP: My children and executives. I have very good executives and great children. They're very good. 
He has said this all along.


The press is not his friend, and he does not need them.

For the first six months of 2016, he gave at least a dozen press conferences and hundreds of interviews.

Hillary gave them jack

They hated him.

Reap what you sow, baby.


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  1. No point talking to the media; they don't listen and they don't remember. Unless they want to, which they usually don't.

    1. The media have taken to distorting and taking out of context anything that you say and making up news to fit their narrative. They are now superfluous. - Elric

  2. I think when he tweeted about this last summer he said that there would be no new deals. To me it doesn't make sense to essentially mothball something that needs to be able to change in order to survive. I think that he's reconsidering that aspect of things and trying to figure out how to handle what is a fluid situation in constant flux without it looking like influence peddling. Difficult. One way to do it would be to limit any changes to domestic projects to limit the appearance of foreign influence and to limit those in size and scope.

  3. If the narrative read instead: President-elect Clinton has still not conducted her first press conference since the election but has tweeted that her daughter Chelsea will run the Clinton Foundation while her son-in-law remains a top influential member of her transition team with high level security clearance ...." you Trumpers would be soiling your pants right and left. See if an "R" does this, it is okay but if a "D" does this, then America will plunge toward Communism. No cred.

    1. Wah, wah, wah (cue the sounds of babies crying).
      Clinton's corruption was never noticed by the lame stream and Trump's successes always scared those who prefer to live off the teet of the taxpayers rather than earn their own (and the America h8ers).
      Hilary didnt build that.
      Hil got paid $250,000 for a speech (she ought to be a good speaker, right?).
      The people saw how rotten a speaker she was at the three debates (Hil was terrified of having more than three debates as she was a horrible speaker paid only as graft, certainly not for her charismatic speaking).
      Don here is so successful he attracts American hating trolls more and more.

    2. "Contributions" to the Clinton Foundation were bribes for access. They produce nothing tangible except corruption. It in no way compares to a brick and mortar business enterprise that creates and produces tangible products and services.

    3. And "investments" into Trump enterprises will not be bribes for access to the president? You and the Surbots are still missing the point (have been for a long time now) ... why is Trump's current actions okay for the alt rights but had Hillary won and done the same exact actions (which she would have), the alt rights would be stomping their feet and getting red in the face? As it is, what the libtards would have accepted with Hillary they are now crying bloody murder with the same actions from Trump. Hypocrisy runs rampant here.

    4. Learn how tp use paragraphs and you might sound intelligent

    5. Press conferences with Democrat media are ancient history. Why would Trump give them the time of day when he can go on Youtube and communicate directly?

  4. And here was me thinking that was "sew what you ripped".

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