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Monday, December 26, 2016

Never Trump, what do you dislike most now?

As long as he follows me on Twitter, I shall follow Bill Kristol. One of his Christmas tweets was interesting for two reasons.

Now it is a great retelling of how General Mattis filled in as staff officer on Christmas so a junior officer could spend time with his family. That's interesting.

But what is also interesting is that Kristol seemed to praise Mattis.

Is this allowed?

After all, Donald Trump was supposed to be this guy who would lead us into World War III. How could he possibly appoint a sane man as defense secretary? Or vice president? Or secretary of state?

Maybe that is it. Maybe having Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, run the state department instead of a senator bugs Never Trump.

I mean, all he knows about foreign leaders is the oil leases he's negotiated. Senator Bob Corker has actually held a hearing on foreign relations so he is way more qualified, just like other former senators who were either VP or secretary of state like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry.

Sure, Corker could bring along Brad Paisley to sing "Whiskey Nation" instead of James Taylor the next time terrorists bomb Paris.

Maybe Never Trumpers also dislike other business leaders -- Wilbur Ross and Andy Puzder -- running Commerce and Labor.

Wait some have complained about Steven Mnuchin taking over treasury because he once worked at Goldman Sachs, which he left 15 years ago.

Of course, they also defended Heidi Cruz's employment there and never complained when Bush 43 appointed Hank Paulson as treasury secretary, even though Paulson had been CEO of Goldman Sachs two years prior to that appointment.

Maybe Never Trumpers don't like Betsy DeVos pushing vouchers and school choice as education secretary.

Maybe Never Trumpers object to appointing Elaine Chao to the Cabinet because her husband is Mitch McConnell.

Of course, they did not complain when Bush 43 appointed her.

Readers get my point.

President Trump is a tried and true Republican. Never Trumpers were wrong. And ineffectual. They could not stop him in the primaries, at the convention, or in the general election.

I am glad that a few of them may come around.

The rest, though, can stay they hell away from the Republican Party. They should join hands with their liberal buddies in saying Trump "is not my president."

Had they read my book, none of this would be a surprise to them.


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  1. And even NR is now issuing meek mea culpas about their position on Mr. Trump. Sit down and shut up, y'all. Ever heard of Benedict Arnold? We Trumpkins are in no mood to kiss and make up.

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  2. I did not know that about Chao. The Mattis story I'd read before. NR's backing away a little from their stand on Trump? I did not know that, either.

  3. The more DT succeeds the more they will melt. Kevin Williamson hasn't quit though only doubled down on chugging bitterness balm. He's still in the Alamo hunkered down with his Bowie sharp, waiting for Ivanka and her kids.

  4. Never Trumpers coming back to the fold is like Californians moving to Texas. There's no upside to either one. It's like the spreading of some contagion. As far as I'm concerned, the Never Trumpers should stay away. Let them find a home with kindred spirits in the Donkey Party.

    1. This is right on. Who will believe their prophets now or ever more? California migrants killed Colorado I might add.

    2. Ahem to that. At least I do not live in Boulder County, but too damn close for true comfort.

  5. "President Trump is a tried and true Republican"... Golly! I sure hope not!

    The stupid party was bigly in need of new leadership and a new direction. A complete outsider with real world experience and a nationalist bent seems like just the ticket.
    Rebranding the party as the one looking out for the common man (and not allowing the Dems to define the party) is the way back to relevance. So keep the Republican name but shed the party.

  6. General Mattis is an excellent choice for any number of positions. This story is just one illustration why. - elric

  7. "How could he possibly appoint a sane man as defense secretary?"

    Reckon as you don't "appoint" a guy like Mattis.

    You aim him.

    1. Just let him loose and he will home in on the bullseye. He's self-aiming.