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Monday, December 05, 2016

Muslims adapt

The fall of the Soviet Union created an intellectual vacuum in the American left that Muslims slowly are filling. The two political philosophies are at polar ends which means Muslims must be patient in changing the direction.

Westerners fresh off the 19th century subjugation of ancient cultures including the Chinese, and Indians, suffer hubris. They consider people not of their culture to be subhuman.

I suppose all cultures do. And that made sense given the vast superiority of Western culture to bow-and-arrow aboriginal societies they met and conquered in Australia and the Americas. I am sorry but if you do not use the wheel for transportation, you are backward technologically. And if you make blood sacrifices to a panoply of gods, you are backward spiritually.

However, Westerners insist on underestimating their enemies among the Muslims. They are just as smart, just as cunning, and just as capable of understanding our ways as we are. They are more ruthless and patient.

I want to make clear, this is not all Muslims who want to conquer the West, but history shows it does not take that many.

Istanbul was once Constantinople. Why they changed it, I can say. The Byzantine empire grew old, bloated, and week. On May 29, 1453, Sultan Mehmet II conquered the capital -- with the help of people inside -- and let his men plunder the city. They raped, enslaved, and slaughtered the populace. The magnificent Hagia Sophia became a mosque with minarets added later.

A decade after bearing her nipple, Janet Jackson converted to Islam. Many sports stars have over the years. The leftist nature of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's writings at Time magazine indicate who will open the gates to the invaders. Converting celebrities to the cause changes the culture. So will halal restaurants.

Of course, that already is happening. Marxist Muslim-friendly Barack Obama is importing Muslims without screening those likely to participate in terrorism. President Bush 43 did too.

They are using our political correctness against us. Islamophobia converts a rational fear of a strange religion that is outside our experience. They are not assimilating. They are adapting.

Never underestimate the enemy hidden within the tidal wave of legitimate refugees. They will exploit the freedoms we cherish against us.

Just like the communists did.


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  1. Islam encourages conquest of infidels by both war and stealth. They are using not our, but the Left's, political correctness against us. Many of us see the danger and the damage already done. We need to correct this situation before it comes down to a case of "Cowboys and Muslims." - Elric

  2. Being able to see things as they are and calling them by their true names is a start. Regardless of what they say we will, and do, know them by their fruits. The rape and murder of the EU official's daughter says it all.
    We just elected Charles Martel president. Prepare to march to Poitiers.

  3. The only good news is that people are getting the big picture that are leaders are marching us into the gas chambers of leftist Muslim hell.

    On the flip side the left is coming out with their new propaganda weapon "conservative fake news" and will try to convince people that conservative news is propaganda. It's going to be a battle of our life time to stop them.

    As the global warming push starts to fail the communist will have a new end of the world scare to push - fake propaganda and that will/has start to gain life at the UN. "We will all perish if we don't get our news from government credited providers."

    1. I get all my fake news from the major media.

  4. I recognized "fake news" years ago. It was perpetrated by cbs, abc, nbc and cnn (and others). Finally they are recognizing it too, but, they are looking in the wrong direction. They need to look in the mirror.
    If you come here and you do not assimilate you are not a refugee or immigrant, you are an invader. It really may come down to "Cowboys and muslims" as Elric says.

    1. They're not looking in the wrong direction so much as they're deflecting.

    2. "To know what THEY are doing, look at what they accuse YOU of doing."

      Or in this case, what they *have* been doing, for quite some time.

  5. We need to shut down and raze all mosques, and begin deporting muslims. Sorry it might not win me many friends and I know that not every one is a suicide bomber. But the immigration and assimilation experiment has failed and we should separate ourselves from islam. NO more muzzie immigrants and start offering incentives for those here to leave. With the muzzies, it is us or them. I know whose side I'm on.

  6. Don wrote well here. The attack is soft and carried out by a gradual assimilation and acceptance by the host. They usually only start demanding specific rights after they hit about 2-3% of the population and become progressively more demanding as their numbers rise. They vote heavily socialist. A livery driver told me a few days ago he voted for Trump because he would help Egypt suppress the Muslim Brotherhood. He hated Clinton and Barry. But his reasoning involved his home country not the US. Maybe we will hear from more like him but the stats are against it. They are generational players and they mostly support the Dems who control the educational system and the media here so the truth will never be fully known by the young until it is too late, unless DT grabs the pendulum that is.

  7. "Barack Obama is importing Muslims without screening those likely to participate in terrorism."

    Screening does no good. Second and third generation Muslims are just as prone to going Jihad as their parents/grandparents were, as are converts.

    1. True, that. All too true - in this particular case.

      The fervor of a convert is formidable, because it is a voluntarily but very conscious action, not just accepted as a given - and accident of birth, so to speak.

      Being a Catholic convert, I know of what I speak. ;-)

  8. Black men are going muslim because islam gives men superior rights to women and says that muslims are superior to everyone not muslim. Islam thus makes black men superior. It wont be too long before western men in general see the benefit of islam, particularly that the man owns the kids when there is divorce, plus he can have four bedmates called wives, plus he can "marry" a prostitute at night, and divorce her in the morning. This folks is sharia law. There's a reason that once a country becomes muslim, it never converts back. The men have all the power.

  9. The muslims are out breeding everyone else. Do the maths on the muslims that are in the US, double the number every 15 years, and see what you get at the end of the century. Muslim America. The culture of genocide of the West by feminists encouraging small or no families, is assisting this transition. The culture which is meant to free women, is contributing to women's enslavement.

  10. I just read an article about a new book called
    "Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad." It sounds interesting.


    - Elric