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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kim Jong-Un ranked more powerful than Obama

Forbes magazine listed the World's Most Powerful People in 2016. The president of the United States barely made the Top 50. He's behind Kim Jong-Un. 

Hell, he's behind the fellow who founded Dell.

Vlad Putin is No. 1, followed by The Donald at No. 2.

Barack Obama ranked No. 48.

Kim Jong-Un ranked No. 43.

Michael Dell, founder and CEO, of Dell computers ranked No. 46.

It takes a certain mix of incompetence, airiness, and confusion to head the most powerful nation as measured by both guns and butter -- militarily and commercially -- and somehow manage to be less important than the dude who heads a company whose main claim to fame is that it is the sixth largest company by revenue in Texas.

Not sixth in the world or America. Sixth in Texas.

And Dell's CEO is more powerful than the man who commands the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons?

In fact, Obama did not even make the top 20 most powerful men and women in America. He ranked No. 22 behind Rex Tillerson, Charles Koch, and Rupert Murdoch

President Trump of course is the most powerful man in America -- and he has not even taken office. 

A year ago, Obama ranked No. 3 behind Putin and Angela Merkel. Obama is the adolescent who just never quite grew into the man. The job description is to be leader of the free world. He wasn't. Merkel was. 

When Reagan was president, he said jump and people were in the air asking how high.

Obama drew a redline in Syria and had the sand kicked in his face by Bashar al-Assad, who did not make the list. I mean he is sub-Kim Jong-Un powerful, and yet Assad made the president of the most powerful nation back down.

Talk about the mouse who roared.

It's not that Michael Dell is a nobody. He is worth $20 billion or so. But come on, there are plenty of people with more money. And most of them are ahead of Obama too.

Donald Trump, whose net value is half Dell's and who has never held public office, starts off at No. 2. Does anyone doubt he will top Putin next year?

We will Make America Great Again.

America has had a narcissistic, cowardly bully as president for eight years whose accomplishments are indecipherable. He is great at marketing himself, turning a class election as the first black president of a law class at Harvard the first black president of the Harvard Law Review into a big deal. 

But Trump built skyscrapers and turned a family business in Coney Island into a worldwide company worth $10 billion. His far flung interests include a hit television show, best-selling books and some of the best golf courses on the planet.

Momjeans on his girl bicycle is gone -- replaced by an alpha male who marries models and lives a Richie Rich lifestyle in a marble-and-gold penthouse high above Fifth Avenue, New York. Donald Trump is the man Putin wishes he could be.

Beneath the brash exterior is a hard-working man who wants to restore America's place as the greatest land of all. The stock market already is soaring.

I am so glad we finally elected a president worthy of the title.


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  1. Looking a bit ahead here, but I'm thinking that when Trump is gone his shoes are going to be pretty hard to fill. The biggest favor he could do for us is to make the presidency less important.

    1. America has plenty of great people who are capable of stepping up to the plate. The next four years will determine whether any of them accept the call, face the public lynch mobs and do what is best for America.
      I am hoping that the policies and actions of the last eight years can be reversed completely in the first two of his administration. If we can than walk back 40 years of communist creep to a time before the idiocy of Jimmy Carter created a boondoggle in Washington. I need to not get my hopes up. The Wall Street owned Congress will balk at doing anything truly constructive.

  2. Hillary claimed during the campaign that she should be elected because she would be the first No-Nuts President.

    But Obama beat her by eight years.

    1. I'm just glad all the nuts got crushed!

      Well, except for Obama's. He ain't got none (but I suspect Moochelle does; just sayin'.)

  3. "You should also listen to Surber, one of the few who clearly saw the Trump Train coming. Scholars of this election should read his Trump The Press. But probably won’t." Instapundit at 7:30AM today.

    1. Hope you got your Instalanche!

    2. I did. Glenn has been very kind to me in the 10 years we have been cyber-buddies

  4. I suspect Putin has more nukes than we do, and knows where most of ours are (not the ones on subs at sea).

  5. Lists like this are of no importance, sorry to say. I like Trump but he hasn't really been tested in his new job nor has he had a chance to deliver some of what he promised. I'm sure he will try. My confetti is ready to go but still in storage.
    Another point though is why is Putin on the top of this list? What does Steve Forbes want to say? Is it "Start a war with Russia and you will be number one?" Spend a trillion to Reverse Obama's incompetence in the middle East so you can move up in my eyes? Personally I don't care what Forbes thinks or how he lists and neither should DT.

  6. "Donald Trump is the man Putin wishes he could be;" I would add His Obamaness after "Putin.

  7. I'm surprised Obama made the list at all. And I'll bet Putin is looking over his shoulder, because I'll predict that before long Trump will be Number One. - Elric

    1. And your prediction will be correct, Elric. Number One for like 208 weeks.

  8. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Ya' know Don, I thought that NEWSMAX was a more, reliable and objective news source than it evidently is. How naive of me!

    I first read the NEWSMAX article with it's many omissions in favor of the Obungler and Shrill-Liar-Ly, of course.

    Then, I read your more informative article today.

    I never thought that NEWSMAX would also toe the Dim-O party line and be "selective" in their news reporting too.

    I have been very put-off in the past with NEWSMAX's habit of Sneaky-shilling their ads interspersed with the news stories but, this is certainly a surprise. I guess that if I wanna' quote one of their articles, I'd better go to their source instead.

    Thanks for telling "The rest of the story."

    1. You may recall I ran NewsMax ads for a while. I was uncomfortable with them. When a reader complained, I dropped them. I was polite.

  9. I don't think Obama was president of his law CLASS. I believe he was President of the law review, which (as far as I can tell and can recall) is in essence an honorary position with much less prestige than Editor of the law review. As President of the Harvard Law Review he was not obliged to write anything for it (and apparently he never did) and had no responsibility to manage publication of it. It was an affirmative action position for which he was eminently qualified.

    1. Thanks. This happens when I go by memory instead of Google. I shall fix.

    2. He was the first president of the Harvard Law Review to never write anything for it.

  10. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    If ya' haven't already, give DuckDuckGo ("The Search Engine That Doesn't Track You") a try. I like it a lot better. I feel more comfortable on it and I know that I'm not helping support that damnable, Liberal, Google.

  11. But, but, but Obama is friends with Beyonce and Jay Z.
    Doesnt that count?