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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kellyanne on balancing family and career

The Lion Tamer (actual title of a chapter in the sequel) this morning explained on Fox Business News why she will be able to balance a job in Washington with raising four children ages 7, 8, and 12-year-old twins.

Kellyanne Conway: "I would say that I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress so, I have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don’t."

The family will be able to leave a $6 million house in New Jersey, (like her, husband George Conway is a lawyer and he is also very successful) and move to Washington.

I like that she said men, too, have to balance family and a career. I know I had to.*

Judging by reader reaction, Kellyanne is emerging as a star in the Trump presidency. After The Donald, she is the person most responsible for his success in the general election. While people say she calmed him down, he also fired him up telling him to knock off the well-if-I-lose talk.

Kellyanne is the third-most influential woman in American politics today, after Melania and Ivanka. They share three things in common besides being in President Trump's orbit. All are successful independent of The Donald. All are mothers first.

You do not have to be a fan of President Trump to appreciate the creation of this model of a Republican woman: education, then success in business, then motherhood.

They also wear make-up and dress well. The homely look pursued in the name of feminism is why women's studies graduates need food stamps, while women willing to learn eyeliner need tax lawyers.

*Retired, I have to balance napping and sleep.


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  1. As I wrote yesterday before the announcement:

    IapetusDecember 21, 2016 at 6:57 PM
    Presidential Consigliere---needs no Senate confirmation, thus no Dem 3rd degree about qualifications.

    Behind the legal curtain that protects Presidential counselors, ValJar put ideas in the empty brain and words in the nasty tongue of Obamao. K.C. can work behind the scenes with DJT and not have to answer to Congressional Democrats or their RINO allies.

  2. For most women the motherhood stuff should be number one. The kids turn out better.

    1. I'm sure it will be for her.

    2. Motherhood ought to be number one. But notice that doesn't mean "Number Only"...a gurrl can have other interests.

      Bet she takes her kids to work sometimes, too. They can use the Map Room to do their homework...

      ...which is a better use than Billy Boy found for it...

  3. But ... but ... we were told that Trump is poison for ALL women. How can he have strong, independent women on his team? Could that have been FakeNews?

  4. The TWTR feminists/Hillbots are going ballistic over this in their typical stompy footed way. And, amidst all of this no counter mention of ValJar between all of the kabuki.

    It's a good learning experience for them. Although from the looks of it the learning curve is going to be fairly shallow.

    Finally, Don's clearly a bigger man than I am for stating the Rachel Maddow doctrine in open range.

  5. Girls are smarter than guys, Everybody knows that. But when shit needs to be busted up and rebuilt, the guys come in. And git er done. No brainer.

    1. My wife has been known to refer to this as the "More Ass Than Class" Principle.

    2. And after the re-build, the girls can repurpose the space. OTOH, when it comes to cleaning up fecal matter, women more often than not get stuck with that part of the job.

  6. I'm glad to see Conway will be a close adviser. I'm pretty sure we would have President Hillary if not for Conway taking over the campaign.