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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Jon Stewart's sarcasm helped Trump

President Trump's election and a year of retirement may have knocked Jon Stewart off that high pony he thought he was on.

His Daily Show was an improvement upon the smug Craig Kilborn, and was better than the vapid Trevor Noah, but Jon Stewart stayed about ten years too long in his 16-year run, as his once brilliant satire devolved into sarcasm, where the punchline too often was WTF.

Now promoting a book, Stewart told the Hollywood Reporter:
"I think of one of the lessons of this book and what we’re talking about is to put satire and culture in its proper place — that controlling a culture is not the same as power. And that while we were all passing around really remarkably eviscerating videos of the Tea Party ― that we had all made great fun of ― [they were] sitting off a highway at a Friendly’s taking over a local school board. And the lesson there is, as much as I love what we did and I liked it, there is a self-satisfaction there that is unwarranted, unearned and not useful."
That explains why he went from funny to dumb. He started pushing an agenda. You cannot do both. He was trying to mock the Tea Party out of existence, and while he achieved destroying the brand, he could not extinguish the fire. The Outs were still there, and pissed.

Stewart recognizes this:
"Trump didn’t happen because CNN sucks. CNN just sucks. He happened because that's the push and pull of this nation at all times. It's a push and pull between nativism and a more inclusive multicultural approach. It's a country that writes in its founding document all men are created equal but only white men who own property can vote. That's the earliest contradiction, and we've been fighting that battle ever since."
What is funny -- what is hilarious -- is that Stewart represents the same Green Privilege of celebrities and limousine liberals who are the political heirs of the age of "only white men who own property can vote." The "more inclusive multicultural approach" excludes white Christians who are not liberals.

But he does get it. Now that he is out of the game, he gets it. The press has burned its credibility pursuing nonsense in the hope of bringing down The Donald:
"What's the biggest story today? Donald Trump tweeted that he won the popular vote and flag burners should lose their citizenship. [It's] just some f—ing thing he tweeted, and it's dominating the 24 hours.
"But does anyone here understand what NAFTA is and what it did and what it meant to jobs because everyone seems to feel like that was the lever by which the election was won or lost. But if you watch the 24-hour news networks, you have no idea what that means. Or what is it? How many jobs were lost? Were jobs gained? Watch the post-election analysis. Everyone's talking about NAFTA and working-class whites. That seems to be the most important issue now in the entire election. 
"If you were to look back on the election coverage, I would love to know how much of it was geared towards letting people understand, even, forget about NAFTA — what are trade agreements? What do they even mean? What does it mean when Donald Trump says, 'This is a disaster.' Is it a disaster? What is it? Or is automation really at issue with a lot of these job losses? What's the balance?"
Too late, Jon Stewart, too late. The clock cannot be turned back. Sarcasm is caustic. The mocking of Trump supporters came at a hefty price -- the destruction of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the media. You can only ridicule a people for so long before they rise and strike back.

And he realizes that now.

He realizes that liberals went way too far:
"This has to stop. This idea that we’re all ... that our team is perfect and the other team is demons. And this is not like a 'Kumbaya, let’s all get along.' Let’s f—ing fight, but let’s fight with precision and integrity, and not with just demonization. And I’ll say this, I know a lot of first responders. I spent a lot of time in that community. A shitload of them voted for Trump. The same people that voted for Trump ran into burning buildings and saved whoever the f— they could no matter what color they were, no matter what religion and they would do it again tomorrow. So, if you want to sit and tell me that those people are giving tacit approval to an exploitative system ― I say, 'OK, and would you put your life on the line for people who aren’t like you? Because they did'."
I agree.

Maybe he should have said something like this earlier. Then Hillary may have not portrayed Trump supporters as deplorable.

But when you think you are riding high, you think you can mock your opponents without penalty. The people they put down doubled that penalty this year.

Now, the liberals won't get an easy patsy Republican conservative to screw.

They will face the Real Deal. And he has a bigger screwdriver.


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  1. Stewart, even in his early years, struck me as arrogant and smarmy prick. I never thought he was all that funny.

    1. And Jon Stewart's apparently being "reasonable" now?

      What a shame that bug up his ass had to die.

  2. If Stewart wants to get hung up on the 'all men being equal' business, how can he be comfortable in having more money than 99.99% of men? I mean, we're all equal, right Jon? So hand it over in the name of redistribution you wise a**

    1. In the Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason wrote: "...that no man, or set of men, are entitled to any separate or exclusive emoluments or privileges from the community."
      This sounds like it should be a self-demonstrative principle of any society desiring representative or popular government. It is the reason why I am against occupational licensing (if doctors, lawyers and such are the smartest people around, why do their professions require special protection by the government?). But look around yourself and count how many violations of this principle you see every day.
      This is at base the main reason for the breakdown of our republic that we are experiencing. The Democrats and 50% of the people seem to have embraced the idea that privileges can be doled out by a central power. Now that the other half has decided to play by the new rules they are shutting their pants. Too bad.

    2. Not shutting their pants. That would be old girlfriends. You know what I meant to say. Damn autocorrect.

    3. Doc, you gotta bust a chair or something across autocorrect's chops. The S.O.B. clearly has no respect for you.

    4. Damn straight.

    5. That damn autocorrect is obviously a liberal; it knows better than you what you meant to type. It better change its tune come MAGA Day (formerly known as Inauguration Day)!!!

  3. Hillary had to say we were deplorable. She needed to rally her troops. There was no other way at the time.
    People have pointed out the similarity between her statement and Romney and his 47%. The reason both of them used the same strategy was because they were captive to the calculators in their respective campaigns and were going by the numbers rather than appealing to undecideds, and trying to get people to cross the fence.
    Trump understands persuasion. I think this is what Stewart has just realized. Mockery does not persuade. It generates hatred in those it is directed toward. One thing to note: when someone on the right is involved in mockery it is directed toward the idea. On the left it is directed (Alinsky) at the person. BFD.

  4. Demonization was the end result of identity politics. And those who are demonized may just respond in kind.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Empower and release your inner demon.

  5. It's not combat per se, but having a burning ceiling collapse on you is a reasonable facsimile thereof.

  6. Someone who thinks the government should have its thumb on the scales of social justice via policies like affirmative action doesn't really believe in all men being equal. The way to end discrimination and inequality is to stop discriminating, said the CJ of the SCOTUS. Too bad the Court itself doesn't really believe that...or else it would have put an end to AA by now, as Sandra Day O'Connor said it would after 25 years.


  7. Herewith, my thoughtful post:

    Jon Stewart is a dooshbag.

    Doc, ya gotta adjust your filters, brother...

  8. The Stewarts, Colberts, Democrats, Progressives, feminists, BLMs, elites, globalists, etc created a new identity voter group that coalesced this election cycle. Whites. It never occurred to them that the last whipping boy group would rise up and turn on them en masse. Stewart is still playing the divide game by singling out first responders who are after all blue collar whites more often than not. And identity politics by race is breaking down as more minorities are realizing that they have much more in common with workers of any race than they do with sub groups agitiating for globalists. Stewart is still playing his game.

  9. "It's a country that writes in its founding document all men are created equal but only white men who own property can vote."

    This is a HUGE LIE. There is no mention of race whatsoever in the Constitution.