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Friday, December 23, 2016

Italy kills Berlin terrorist -- teaches the world

Police in Milan, Italy, showed how to deal with Muslim terrorists.

You shoot them dead.

No muss, no fuss.

No bombing of weddings. No killing of innocent civilians. No trials. No lawyers.

Anis Amri is dead.

Just like Osama bin Laden.

The Italian judicial system already gave him a chance once after he burned down an immigrant's camp. But instead of the death penalty, he got four years. He went back to work as a terrorist.

The Italian refugee situation is different than what the rest of Europe faces. They are not invaders. The Libyan refugees are more like Cuban refugees. Both groups cross a body of water in rickety craft to escape death or oppression. This year, 5,000 Libyan refugees drowned.

From the Sun:
The ISIS extremist ploughed a lorry into festive shoppers at a Berlin Christmas market on Monday night.
After fleeing the scene, he was finally shot dead by quick-thinking coppers in the Italian city of Milan after a brazen four-day jaunt through Europe via France.
A video of Amri pledging allegiance to ISIS in the days before the attack was released by the terror group this afternoon.
Rewind five years, and just days after arriving on Lampedusa trouble-maker Amri was involved in the burning down of a migrant shelter.
We tried war. Unfortunately, the Democrats wanted to defeat Republicans more they wanted to keep the gains our soldiers won.

President Trump will try this.


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  1. There was no swat team involved here only mano a mano, a young cop vs a trained killer. This should boost cops everywhere, with groups like BLM taking collateral damage. I'm happy the rat is dead but a stay in some out of the way interrogation spa runs to by Trump's new fitness crew would have been useful for information gathering purposes. Italy has been considered the sick man of Europe in the last few years. This can only help them. On a more general level this guy traveled all the way from Berlin to Milan without apparent difficulty. EU security is not a real obstacle to these killers and there will be others, sorry to say.

    1. The jihadi scum are good at killing unarmed bystanders. When up against those who are adequately armed, they prove to be not so scary.

    2. This is a key point and true. They call themselves fighters, as does the NYT, but in reality they prefer their opponents be shackled first. Only the Brits are taking action, arming most of their cops now. In France most are still unarmed. The irony is that many of the soldiers the French parade to tourist view around Paris holding machine pistols are in fact Muslims. Most French youth avoid the military

  2. "The damn guy fell on that bullet while we were talking to him. That's all I have to say."

    Seriously, anyone of age remember when the Italians were known locally (by your Dad maybe) as more dominant white flaggers than the French?

    Things change. Italexit coming.

    1. Who put the last six bullets in Mussolini?
      30,000 Italian sharpshooters

    2. LOL!! But they got the job done.

    3. But wait...there's more...

      '..Luca Scata comes from Canicatti near the ->Sicilian<- town of Catania and transferred to Milan at the end of October.

      He has only been a police officer for nine months.'

      (snowflake uncheck)

      “From today Milan will be more secure!” he joked on his Facebook page ahead of his transfer.

      (That would be a double)

      His motto on his Facebook page was "Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision" and just before work late on Thursday Scata’posted a phrase about the colors of sunset: “On the road ahead there is only sun, there’s no shade.”

      (rounded third; spiked the cap on home plate)

      Hell Yeah boys.

    4. On MAGA Day next month DJT needs to give that guy a medal. Not the Medal of Honor, but something close!

  3. Action begets reaction. Fear begets response.

    Extremism will eventually beget counter-extremism.

    Certain Western democracies may be unrecognisable politically within ten years time.

    And certain parts of the world may not exist anymore.

  4. They'll stop bothering us if we kill enough of them.

    1. That they stop bothering us.
      That any kid who gets enthusiastic yelling "Allah Akbar" gets slapped by his mother, that is "enough."

  5. Most sensible thing I've read all day.

    1. Meant as reply to McClain.

    2. It's a very good point you made.

  6. "Police in Milan, Italy, showed how to deal with Muslim terrorists. You shoot them dead. No muss, no fuss."

    This is not what I heard ... The cops questioned him for suspicious behavior. They had no idea who he was. He pulled out a shotgun when he couldn't produce ID. He shot one cop. Another cop, in self defense, shot and killed him.

  7. In the immortal words of Douglas MacArthur, "That's the best thing to do with them".

  8. How long do you think it will be before the left are calling for the Italian hero to be brought up on charges for not negotiating a non-violent resolution?

  9. I'm just glad that Anus has met his maker, who just last hour tossed him into a boiling vat of diesel fuel. Dang, that's gotta hurt, Anus. Way to go, Italia! Bravo! Bravissimo!!