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Friday, December 30, 2016

In defense of 2016's deaths

Many people -- some with tongue in cheek -- denounce 2016 because so many famous people died this year.

Well, death is part of life, albeit usually the end of life on Earth.

This year happened to have a bumper crop of A-listers. But let us be serious, many of these deaths were happy endings, not sad.

Nancy Reagan died at 94. She gets to join her beloved Ronnie. Her family misses her of course, but this fact comforts them.

Likewise, while we will miss Debbie Reynolds, she was 84 but she gets to be with her daughter, Carrie Fisher, 60, whose death, while ten years shy of the biblical number nevertheless comes after a productive career as an actress, writer, and advocate of better mental health care,

Antonin Scalia in life was brilliant and a thorn in the sole of every liberal. His death at 79 was timed just right so that he could be a thorn in their other sole as his seat went vacate to allow President Trump to select Scalia's successor. I want the swearing in to be on February 13, the anniversary of Scalia's death.

Gene Wilder's death at age 83 was merciful as he suffered dementia. Likewise the departure of Muhammad Ali ended his Parkinson's.

We celebrate the lives not the deaths of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, prime minister Shimon Peres, author Harper Lee, poet Leonard Cohen, and astronaut John Glenn. The latter was also a senator whose wingman was Ted Williams in the Korean War.

Rock 'n' Roll heaven's helluva band got even more helluva with the addition of David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, and George Michael. Emerson and Lake now await Palmer as that band dies in alphabetical order.

TV mom Florence Henderson, and TV dad Alan Thicke got promoted, the latter dying while doing what he loved: playing hockey with his real son.

They all contributed in their way and had good lives. Doctor Donald Henderson as well.

But if their deaths still depress you, just remember: Fidel Castro is going through cigar withdrawal in hell.


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  1. You make me hear the refrain of an old Monty Python tune- "Always look on the bright side of life!"

    Well stated, and thank you for looking on the bright side. This really lifted my spirits!

  2. Meanwhile, Putin gently chided the recalcitrant child.

    "In response to President Obama’s decision to expel Russian diplomats and impose more sanctions on Russia, Russian President Putin has so far only indicated Moscow would not to retaliate in the same fashion, promising not to throw out US diplomats in his country.

    Putin said he regretted that Obama was ending his term “in such a way,” but that he extended his New Year’s congratulations to the outgoing US president and his family nevertheless."

    Time to shut up now, Barry. Adults wish to discuss things.

  3. It makes you a little sad to hear of the TV people we lost - Robert Vaughn, Peter Brown, Robert Horton, Hugh O'Brian, but the young men and women of our boyhood are in their 80s and 90s now.

  4. Let us not forget Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, who died on Christmas Eve at the age of 96.

  5. The inventors of the Big Mac and General Tso's chicken died within days of each other at the age of 98.

  6. I trust Fidel is getting personal service from a cadre of demons.

  7. There was a death on my wife's side of the family this year. He was a rural Ohio farmer who probably did and knew more than all of those dead celebs combined. Let's not forget those people...