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Friday, December 23, 2016

Hillary lost 2.6 million votes since the election

Guess what? Even Democrats do not like a sore loser who demanded recounts, blamed the FBI, accused Russia of stealing the election, and finally, tried to sabotage the Electoral College.

The Pew Research Center found that 4 percent of Hillary's voters now regret voting for her. That works out to 2 million votes based on the 65 million she received.

Only 1 percent of President Trump's voters do.

That 3 percent difference would have placed them in a virtual tie in the number of votes. That also would mean Trump would have picked up Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, and New Hampshire, giving him a 328-210 win in the Electoral College.

That would have been a 118-vote victory.

Oh wait. Hillary tampered with the Electoral College, which meant he would have still lost two votes there and she would have lost five, for a 121-vote loss for Hillary.

On Election Day she actually lost by 74.

Juvenile fits gave consequences.

From Pew Research:
In the wake of the election, Republicans are feeling more optimistic about their party’s future. By contrast, Democrats’ optimism about the Democratic Party’s future has declined. And Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say their party has done too little to address the concerns of a number of groups, including women, minorities and residents of rural areas.
Democrats have done zilch to show they will mend their ways, re-electing the entire House leadership, which consists of three pre-Baby Boom dinosaurs.

From Salena Zito:
What the political class astoundingly still doesn’t get is that people, even those who supported Clinton, are tired of Trump’s win being blamed on fake news, the Comey letter and the Russians.
They’re tired of every story about the election beginning with “But, Hillary won the popular vote.” And they’re tired of protesters protesting something they can’t change.
And they’re clearly not alone.
I would say hush to her and beg her not to spill this secret.

But the elites don't listen to people like us. We live in places like Pittsburgh and Poca. What do we know about America?


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  1. What's the odds that in a minimum of 4 years, they will have not progressed 1 inch, and identity politics will have reached 10 sigma?

    The question is: what will the new hoax be for their party? They've pretty much exhausted everything except maybe alien bacteria conspiracies at this point. I think Podesta, Hillary, and Klugman were working on that but gave up for some reason.

  2. Many years back the bad guys actually did a bit of what might be called honest soul searching by some. That was what the Democrat Leadership Conference was about. The only ones left from that are the Clintons as they stood by and watched the Obama people practically purge the others out of the party and gut the organization. Rather than do some sharp triangulation to get out of this mess they SJW's that took over are doing the only things that SJW's are programmed to do, and that is make royal asses of themselves in public like we saw with the two "parents" loudly offending an Orthodox Jewish woman and her family on a JetBlue flight.
    Media hacks and mentally disturbed people who can't function outside any liberal fever swamp where their every whim is encouraged. That is now the leadership of that party.

    1. Some of that stuff they wanted me to call sushi didn't look like any sushi I've ever seen. I don't like being forced to lie to get to post, even by a robot. What ever happened to my suggestion about large breasted women?

  3. So much for the popular vote.

    too bad these people don't make the news the way the 2 "husbands" did with Ivanka

  4. Purged is right... remember antiabortion Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak

    1. Stupak sold out and voted for Obummercare when his fellow Dims told him it wouldn't cover abortion.

  5. Yep. I is as smart as how many real teef i haz in my mouf, wich is nun, but i nose enuf not to vote Dem.

  6. The Left's War on the Trumps is just beginning in earnest. Apparently these Cry-bullies are getting their jollies now by trolling Ivanka's clothing line on Amazon, flooding the Web page with nasty revenge reviews. There will be more. The Left has clearly never gotten over George Bush's election win in 2000 over Al Gore. They will hold a grudge forever. But I'm sure Donald and the entire Trump Tribe knew that when they offered to lower themselves to enter the political mud wrestling pit with the Democrats.

  7. Well clearly Putin adopted a Boris Badenov disguise, and has toured round America since the election, using Super Secret Plan B to cause all those voters to desert Hillary in retrospect.