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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey AP, why aren't they upset with Obama?

The Associated Press ran a headline -- "Workers at endangered Indiana plant feel forgotten by Trump" - that begged a bigger question:

Why are they not upset with President Obama?

For nearly eight years as president, Obama did nothing as Mexico sucked up these jobs.

Their union endorsed Obama twice, and then opposed Trump.

Suddenly it is Donald Trump's fault that the company is headed for Mexico?

The accompanying story by Tom Davies does not even mention President Obama who has mocked and sneered at Trump's promise to save American jobs.

The Associated Press story appeared in newspapers across our land.

Which is another reason American trust of newspapers is at an all-time low.

My generation of journalists failed. Big Time.

As did Barack Obama.


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  1. Get ready for four years of this from big media, and remember that the reporters realize that if they don't turn out drivel like this their bosses can easily get people who will.

  2. It's not that they failed, exactly. As the Firesign Theater put it, "They're all Bozos on that bus." Writing and printing the Party Line.

    1. Sam L. Thank you for that trip down memory lane.

  3. Somehow "our" generation failed at everything (Google "Boomers" for references or see any comment at ZH), and the neckbeards, instead, decided to adopt hero worship and unicorns over the Biblical "works".

    Sooner or later they'll need to enroll in their 12 step program.

    1. I'm afraid that they have a bit of a case. I get two looks at this. I went to a semirural public high school, but ended up in an upper middle class profession and became a 1%-er.
      When I go to high school reunions the best people that show up, the optimates, are at best mediocrities of whom a few have managed to remain married and raise stable families. A few have businesses and farms, are professionals or have middling academic positions. The majority who don't show up are in broken positions familially and financially or are dead.
      When I look at people in my profession and my age the percentages are about the same, except that there's a bigger money cushion to soften the blows of all the bad decisions, and more of the ones who are still around are left wing idiots who are not going to make the world any better. In fact, I have more faith in my poor high school classmates than I do in the enlightened upper class people who live in my neighborhood.

    2. My wife, who voted for Trump mainly because she detests HRC, had lunch with high school friends and one of the ladies, a prog, knew nothing about HRC, such as the claim about Trump's deplorables. My wife is very civil so she has kept away from politics at previous lunches. The prog lady only watches public TV and has radical progressive view points. The other 3 ladies at the lunch are deplorables who were not too gentle with the prog; one of the ladies had not been to a lunch with the prog before and didn't know anything about her politics. My wife said it was amazing what her prog friend didn't know and how hard the new lunch attendee was on the prog because of it.
      The prog lady is not a 1%er but they are very well off because of her husband's profession in representing companies in engineering efforts overseas. I did the same thing domestically. But why the lady is so progressive is a mystery since our county is very conservative, even the Democrats.

  4. Actually, I think story is great news and a good tell. Meaning, the MSM is already treating Mr. Trump as President. Meaning, all of this bullshit about recounts and the Russians and EC voters is just pointless noise. People who are drowning apparently spend their last few moments desperately flailing around before they inhale that last big drink of water and head down to Davy Jones' locker. Hello, MSM and the Democrat Party. Sleep well.

  5. I'm sure the union guys hated it.

    They didn't get a percentage.

  6. From coast to coast, the headlines will soon be "Workers at endangered US newspapers feel forgotten by Trump" and none of us will care. I've got a cold, cold heart: Reap what you sowed.

  7. In four years newspapers and buggy whips will be in the same category--not needed and forgotten.