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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

For transparency's sake, stay at Trump Tower

From his three-story penthouse high atop Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, President Trump sure is having fun.

And his actions are transparent to the American people -- and everyone else in the world.

Every day, the C-Span camera in the lobby watches the people enter those golden elevators to the sky.

When have we ever had such transparency? Obama made his White House visitor's list available, sure, but people started signing in as Bill Ayers. Ha ha ha.

The staging is excellent, as is the lighting. The world is seeing the opulence of capitalism. That is a good advertisement for the USA. Americans have chosen as their president one of their 540 billionaires.

In March, Forbes reported:
While the rest of the world continues to mint fortunes at a fast pace -- including 70 new billionaires from China this year alone -- the United States still reigns supreme. America boasts 540 billionaires, more than any other country on the planet and more than all of Europe combined.
It was a rough year for the world’s wealthiest, who faced uncertain markets and the continued decline in oil prices, plus the ongoing Syrian Civil War that has disrupted European economies and created some 18 million Syrian refugees and people in need. In total 221 former billionaires fell off the list (though 198 newcomers joined) and the average billionaire’s net worth dropped $280 million, from $3.86 billion to $3.58 billion, last year. Americans were hit harder than average: The typical U.S. billionaire lost nearly $350 million, or about 7% of his wealth, falling from an average net worth of $4.79 billion to $4.44 billion within one year.
American billionaires have made their money in computers (Gates, etc.), corporate turnarounds (Buffett), retail (Bezos), news (Bloomberg), and every other facet of commerce. Forbes lists Trump at No. 336, but his $10 billion fortune should rank him No. 104.

What do we care?

The daily show at Trump Tower is boring, but lavish and important with President Trump occasionally descending to make an announcement or take a question or two. It would do him and the nation well to spend as much time as he can at Trump Tower, conducting business in the open.

The world is watching.

Put on a good show.


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  1. I'll bet there are an awful lot of bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who are having trouble sleeping. Once President-Elect Trump is inaugurated I look for him to really open up the curtain behind which they have been hiding. "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants;" (Justice Louis D. Brandeis). - Elric

    1. I suspect The Donald will round up old anti-aircraft and movie-premiere spotlights to illuminate parts of government that haven't seen the light of late.

    2. I'd better go buy some stocks in sunglass manufacturing companies. - Elric

  2. Somehow I doubt that he will be having hundreds of personal meetings with the head of the IRS to discuss destroying political opponents. If he did that the economy would get less attention, and his foreign policy might have to be pruned down to murdering wedding parties with flying robots.

  3. Not that they'd ever be invited to Trump Tower, but what would the last two Democrat occupants of the Oval Office sign in as?

    "Leisure Suit Larry" and "Bathroom Barry"?

  4. Mayor Deblasio sent a bill for $35 million to have his cops do security for Trump and the Tower. Asked if he thought that Trump should take his transaction elsewhere, said: "If its a jump ball, I'd say, go to that beautiful golf course in New Jersey."

  5. Sorry, that is"de Blasio" and "transition" in place of transaction.

  6. After Lord of the Rings, towers don't shine so strongly.