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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Democrats must be eager to approve Sessions

The Senate Republican Communications Center shared with bloggers what Democrats said about the need to speed in approving an appointment to attorney general last year.

“The responsibilities of the Attorney General of the United States are too important to have had this appointment delayed by partisan bickering.”
-- Sen. Pat Leahy, February 2

“We should all be able to agree that confirming the top law enforcement position should be an urgent priority of the Senate. At a time when we face all kinds of threats from terrorists--both outside our borders and within our borders--we should all be united in confirming an Attorney General nominee...”
-- Leahy, February 10.

“I would say, based on the five AGs that I’ve been here for, we’ve moved them all quickly for very good reasons... And we have always had the tradition of moving these nominees as quickly as we possibly could.”
-- Sen. Dianne Feinstein, February 12 

“It has been said to the point where it is a cliche, but nevertheless a true one, that justice delayed is justice denied. The refusal to confirm a leader to head the most important law enforcement agency in the United States is a delay of justice that for many seems to be a denial of justice.”
-- Sen. Tim Kaine, March 10.

“Equally unfortunate, regrettable, and inappropriate is to inject politics into law enforcement. The nomination of the chief law enforcement officer in our Nation, the Attorney General--that position truly ought to be above politics. In fact, as we know from the structure of our government, it is generally regarded to be above politics. The President of the United States has his or her legal counsel to provide advice to the President, but the Attorney General of the United States enforces laws for this Nation--not for one party, not for one official, not on one issue, but on all issues for all people in the United States. When my colleagues have said on the floor that the President deserves his nominee, really it is the Nation that deserves a nominee to be confirmed.”
--Sen. Richard Blumenthal, March 16.

“It is simply irresponsible to hold up a highly qualified nominee for Attorney General because some don't like that [he or] she agrees with the very President who nominated her.”
--Sen. Chris Coons, March 17.

“We should not play political games with the Department of Justice, an executive branch agency with 125,000 employees and a $28 billion departmental budget that is charged with all sorts of different law enforcement functions, from running the Federal prisons to enforcing the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, to making sure we fight human trafficking and money laundering.”
--Coons, March 17

“Attorneys General are important... This position is too important for any kind of political games and for any kind of delay.”
-- Sen. Cory Booker, March 18

“[The president] is entitled to have his team in place, and we have a responsibility to vote on his nominations. Let's do the right thing and take up this nomination, debate it, and then have Senators vote up or down... We owe it to... the employees of the Justice Department, and the American people to have a newly designated Attorney General in place as the Nation's chief law enforcement officer and top defender of Americans' constitutional rights.”
--Sen. Ben Cardin, March 19.

A Republican-led Senate confirmed her 56-43.


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  1. But, you know, it is different now!

  2. WOW! "Our source is not the Russian gov't" Sean Hannity Interview with Julian Assange

    1. That claim gets no play in the media. All I see and hear is, "It's the Russians who did it." Yesterday, Josh Earnest claimed Trump knew all about the Russian hack and in fact encouraged Putin to do it. He stopped just short of all but accusing Trump of having instigated the alleged hack (which I am skeptical of because a leak from an insider makes a lot more sense).

      It is clear that Obama---not just his despicable press spokesman---is acting to undermine Trump's election victory and nascent presidency. If I were Trump, I'd do everything I could to erase any trace of Obama's time in office. Obama was a complete unknown when he ran for office, he kept his former life secret from the public while he was in office, he should be erased from our collective memory and from history. The written record of US presidents should be a blank page for the years 2009 through 2016.

    2. The commissar vanishes.

    3. Earnest and the media's next claim - Not only did Trump instigate the hack, he wrote the code!!

  3. Well that looks like a settled issue.
    Nice to see that there are grownups in the room.

    ...or are there!??

  4. "the Attorney General of the United States enforces laws for this Nation--not for one party, not for one official, not on one issue, but on all issues for all people in the United States"
    And yet Holder and then Lynch acted as if their only constituents were non-whites.
    Awesome job, again, Mr. Surber.
    You seem to be doing the job the lame stream media wont do.

  5. I think the Dems are just hoping we have a really great sense of humor.

  6. Completely unrelated, but I am reading Michael Grant's Fall of the Roman Empire and came across where a particular Roman senator had an income of four thousand pounds of gold a year.
    Do you think that perhaps one of the reasons our current crop of rich folks is so happy about the progressive abstracionization of our currencies (specie to paper to electronic will o'the wisp) is because it is nigh impossible for the common man to visualize a billion dollars in his head, but thousands of pounds of Scrooge McDuck piles of gold is as palpable as the shoes on his feet.
    Maybe that's part of the reason people don't seem as envious of the likes of Zuckerberg et al.
    Just a thought.

  7. Remind Mr. Trump what all those Dems said!

  8. Dick Cheney, to Pat Leahy, in the Senate Cloak Room:

    Go fuck yourself.

    Let us continue that attitude.

  9. Hey Don,
    Be sure to pass along as well that these Republicans think SC nominees should get their Constitutionally-based hearings in a timely and orderly manner as well? See, for every partisan Democrat fault that flies in the face of our country’s democratic ideals and processes, there are equal Republican partisan movements doing just the same. You’ve come close to realizing this Don but still not there yet. That’s okay, I know you have a book to sell.

    “The reality is that the Senate has never stopped confirming judicial nominees during the last few months of a president’s term.” - Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

    “There’s no excuse for not considering and voting upon a well¬ qualified judicial nominee in the United States of America today… Just because it’s a presidential election year is no excuse for us to take a vacation. And we’re here. We’re ready to go to work.” - Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

    “Now is the perfect time for a new politics of judicial confirmation to arise where Republicans and Democrats work together to confirm qualified men and women to the federal bench. Now is the perfect time because, of course, we’re in a presidential election year and no one yet knows who the next president will be. What a unique opportunity to establish that regardless of the next president’s party, the nominees will be treated fairly and on the basis of their qualifications, and not on the basis of ancient political squabbles.” - Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

    “I think it’s clear that there is no Thurmond Rule. And I think the facts demonstrate that.” - Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

  10. Heh heh heh. Hoist by their own petards. Hope it hurts!

    No, I'm not tired of winning yet!

  11. I hope those quotes are on tape and can be played back over and over and over again during the Senate hearings.