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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bye-bye old boondoggle

A Democratic Congress and Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy in 1977 to hand out subsidies to friends and family.

President Trump is about to pull the plug on this waste of money.

Oh, Democrats were smart. They assigned some real agencies to make it look like the department was necessary. Those agencies can be assigned to Commerce or somebody else.

Rick Perry may be the wrecking ball we need.

From an editorial in the New York Times:
President-elect Donald Trump has picked several people to lead federal departments who are hostile to the work of those agencies. On Tuesday, he went a step further by choosing Rick Perry, the former Texas governor, to head the Department of Energy, an agency that Mr. Perry once promised to eliminate.
And there was this:
The big question, of course, is whether Mr. Perry and Mr. Trump have the interest or ability to pursue an ambitious agenda, or whether they are determined to carry on an ideological war against climate science.
Elections have consequences. If there is a market for solar and wind, then they will win. If not, why subsidize this nonsense?

Because of carbon dioxide?


From Jake Novak at CNBC:
Perry joins Dr. Ben Carson, a fierce federal housing critic who Trump has selected to head the department of Housing and Urban Development; Betsy DeVos, a strong opponent of the government's monopoly on public education who has been selected to lead the Education Department; Scott Pruitt, who is Trump's pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the very agency he is currently suing; Andy Puzder, Trump's choice for Labor Secretary, who opposes most of the newer government labor laws; and Tom Price, Trump's pick to lead the Health Department, a man who wants to gut the department's most pressing work by repealing Obamacare.
Some people are using the "fox guarding the hen house" metaphor to describe these picks. But that's not exactly right. Remember the fox just wants to eat the chickens, not tear down the hen house and put the chickens out of a job.
But will these appointees, if approved, really shut down these departments?
I hope so.


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  1. The Democrats' weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be sweet music to my ears. Will they blame it on the Russians, too? - Elric

  2. The Atomic Energy Agency was one of those. it should've been left to the Department of defense or a stand alone Agency. They have done some good work with no credit given. The Fast Flux test facility could be producing a steady, reliable, CO2 free power source-if it wasn't for the 0 administration drilling the core and saving sever hundred bird chopping wind turbines from the axe... TG McCoy
    "Happiness is a warm fast Breeder.: Old Hanford area T-shirt..

  3. It would be like putting me in charge of a state licensing board for medicine. I'd burn all the records. Medical licensing is the biggest boondoggle in history.

  4. Energy is like oxygen. It's there, it exists, and the people who think otherwise oughta be fired and made to get real job.

  5. In Oregon, dams and hydropower are NOT considered renewable power.

    1. It's Oregon. Common sense is probably not common there. I had someone tell me pipelines are more dangerous than trucks. Guess they never saw a car accident....

    2. I recall reading about a train car full overturning in the Columbia River Gorge. Tracks vary on how close they are to the river...

    3. Oregon-the real one is a red sea controlled by the blue carbuncle that is Portlandia/Eugenia.
      We in "Western Idaho" or the "State of Jefferson" do not play well with others and run with scissors...
      And we just elected a conservative Sec. of State. when Gov. Kate gets indicted, the will be a new sheriff in town..
      TG McCoy

  6. "The big question, of course, is whether Mr. Perry and Mr. Trump have the interest or ability to pursue an ambitious agenda, or whether they are determined to carry on an ideological war against climate science."

    Methinks he can do both. With ease.

  7. Speaking of the New York Times:

    --Michael Goodwin:
    There’s shock in some media circles that the New York Times hired Glenn Thrush, the Politico reporter who was exposed by WikiLeaks for sending one of his stories pre-publication to Clinton campaign chief John Podesta. “Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u,” Thrush wrote to Podesta. “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this.”

    I’m not shocked. The Times saw a man it could count on to adhere to the paper’s bias and echo the Democratic Party line, and grabbed him.

    You can’t let a hack like that get away.--