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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Another President Trump triumph: Apple supplier expanding in the USA

Remember how they scoffed when President Trump said he would get Apple to make iPhones here?

Post election, a major Apple supplier may expands its USA operations.

From Chris Smith at BGR:
President-elect Donald Trump has said time and again that he wants to convince Apple to make iPhones in America. At least some of them. Talking to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the matter after his big win, Trump reiterated his desire to see Apple manufacture products in America. While it’s too early to actually see an iPhone made in America, there’s one more sign that such a move might actually be possible.
Trump on Tuesday met Masayoshi Son, the head of Japan’s SoftBank Group, who later announced a commitment to invest $50 billion in America and create more than 50,000 jobs. But that’s not the only Asia-based tycoon looking to expand to the US. Foxconn, the company that manufactures the iPhone in China for Apple, is apparently in preliminary discussions to expand its US operations. 
Smith cited Masayoshi Son, the head of Japan’s SoftBank Group, who announced with President Trump plans to invest $50 billion in America and create more than 50,000 jobs.
Son and Foxconn founder Terry Gou are considered close, Reuters says, and have joint business ventures. Foxconn already has manufacturing facilities in the US in Virginia and Indiana, and logistics services in California and Texas.
Fake News said this would never happen.

The economy finally takes off after 16 years of Bush and Obama, particularly the latter eight years when so many people just gave up on working for a living.


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  1. Yes, items manufactured in the U.S. may cost a bit more, but I can rest easier knowing that my money isn't propping up a communist regime. China should be getting a bitt nervous at this point. The Donald has already outperformed eight years of Obummer and he hasn't even been inaugurated into office yet. The best is yet to come. - Elric

  2. Lots of conjecture there Don. An Apple supplier "may" expand. This is actually old news. Another Apple supplier has already said "no." If one supplier does come to the U.S. ... great. But tread slowly .... no sooner does Trump tout that he saved 1,400 Carrier jobs that it was actually 800 jobs while another 600 Carrier jobs are still going to Mexico. And now, because Trump got mad at the Boeing CEO, he tweets that he wants to scrap the next two Air Force Ones. Boeing employs more than 100,000 Americans.
    And Don, can you provide a link to Trump's tweet that states when the $50 billion is going to be invested and where those 50,000 jobs will be? Thanks.

    1. Finally figured it out. You're Don's mother in law.

    2. Another nattering nabob of negativism. - Elric

    3. Beats anything Obama has done!

    4. Who was your servant last year, Anthonomus**? Provide your own research links. Damm Leftie free-loaders...

      ** Anthonomus: noun. Weevils destructive of cultivated plants

  3. Can you hear this?

  4. "The economy finally takes off after 16 years of Bush and Obama,"

    Seems a little unfair, Don. The economy was booming till 2006.