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Friday, December 30, 2016

60th and 61st Amazon reviews of "Trump the Press"

Dear readers, I will never take you for granted. I read each and every review on Amazon. The latest was posted today. As always, I share reviews here.

From R. Kingsbery:
Required reading for everyone interested in politics
Best examination of one of the biggest upsets in American politics. Explains how Trump defeated the Beltway establishment, which spent hundreds of millions of dollars to destroy him. And how he manipulated the media into giving him billions of dollars worth of free advertising.
Thank you very much. May the new year bring you happiness.

UPDATE: The first unhappy review was posted later:
Doesn't include the election
Good book, except it runs only through the nomination of Trump by the Republican Party. For some reason I thought it had been updated to include the election. I returned it and am waiting for it to be updated and revised.
Sorry you feel misled. I am working on the sequel. Book's full title was intended to clear up any confusion, but it failed.


  1. "R3D"

    No, that's not a new Star Wars droid.

    That's what ought to be the prerequisite for entry into all journalism studies.

    The Three R's plus Don's book.

  2. #61 obviously did not notice the review started months ago...and must not have read the description.
    I'm betting he won't like book 2 for leaving out all of book 1. Amazon itself said,
    "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race. Jul 1, 2016"
    I think he's mad at himself for not paying attention.

    1. I noticed that too. The two star rating was unwarranted. If he noticed HIS error upon receipt of the book and returned the book for a refund without having read it, on what grounds did he give the book a low grade? It's his mistake; he owns the two stars. On the other hand, if he read enough of the book to assign it a grade, then returned it for a refund after having read it, then I call that cheating. It would be like buying a ticket to see a movie in a theater, watching the entire picture, then demanding your money back because the movie ended in a way that wasn't how you mistakenly assumed it would.