Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. I dunno, Libs...that sounded pretty presidential to me.

  2. He needs to earn trust, and then we will trust him. Let's see if he can do that or not. Not happy with letting Hillary off, lost trust with America on that one. Along with backing away from a few other things: CAGW Paris deal, etc.

    1. He gets 100 days. Ends April 30. We shall see what he is by then

    2. Read this and trust Trump. He knows what he's doing.

      Trump’s Hillary Head Fake
      President-elect's gesture of national unity would do little to prevent an actual Clinton prosecution
      by Matthew Vadum

      It is an empty promise. He can’t be held to it because it is meaningless.

      Short, perhaps, of pardoning her himself, Trump can’t definitively state that Clinton won’t be further investigated or prosecuted.

      A president doesn’t have that kind of power. He is not the sole arbiter of her fate.

      Trump is almost two months away from assuming the awesome burden of the presidency and he's already thinking several steps ahead of his adversaries.