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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Trump up 5 as Cubs win

The silver lining for an Indians fan:

I now feel much better about the Series. 

I will trade the championship for the White House.

The Los Angeles Times poll this morning has it Trump 47.5, Hillary 42.5, as voters continue to digest to revelations about the FBI investigation into her criminal activities as secretary of State.

Enthusiasm for Trump is at 86.2 in the poll, 84.2 for Hillary.

The polling service is now 95 percent confident that Trump will win.

They continue to be virtually tied in the Investor's Business Daily poll. It is Trump 44.1, Hillary 44.

Nate Silver continues to insist that nothing is wrong though he has lowered his odds from 4 in 5 for Hillary to just 2 in 3. At this point in time, what difference does it make? To be fair, in the middle of the tenth inning last night, Silver confidently gave the Cubs a 99.9 percent chance of winning the World Series this year, which means he has bragging rights for successfully forecasting the entire season again.

Real Clear Politics has the Electoral College at Hillary 273, Trump 265. Flipping New Hampshire would tie it. Flipping New Hampshire and Maine's second congressional district would win it. Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Mexico also are available. He has many paths to victory.

One month ago Real Clear Politics had it Hillary 340, Trump 198 with few paths to 270.

Remember: I never predicted a Cleveland victory.

But Trump will win. Big. Americans will not let their country and the world down.


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  1. Enthusiasm for Hillary is at 84.2 ??? Maybe in Foggy Bottom, but not in Flyover Country.

    1. That is among campain event attendees, and since those consist of Huma, Poordesta, and from five to ten party faithful, we can see how that plays ouot. Her numbers are actually 2.84, American Pravda got them switched some how.

    2. American Pravda; the few, the proud, the dyslexic

  2. Cubs beat the 1908 curse.
    We beat the 2008 curse.
    Write it down (Nate).

  3. Clueless pollster is clueless.

    Steve in Greensboro

  4. The Tribe had a great season and have nothing to be ashamed about. The Cubs were clearly the best team in baseball this year and it always feels fitting to me when the best team wins. Thus it shall be next Tuesday night. The best team wins.

  5. Silver just doesn't get it, but, then, he's a Demo hack.

  6. D: That should read "Americans will not let down their country and the world AGAIN."

  7. Nate Silver, soon to be known as The Tarnished.