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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thoughts on Joe Manchin

A column by Salena Zito on her meeting with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin at Taylor Books in Charleston, West Virginia, created a speculation in the conservative bloggery about EpiPens Joe flipping parties.


But it does raise questions about his chances in 2018.

First the news: Zito confirmed that Manchin is running for re-election. That should be a cakewalk as it has been 60 years since a seated senator lost a re-election bid in West Virginia.

Zito asked about switching parties. Manchin said no. Here are the five reasons I believe him:
1. He's a loyal Democrat.
2. He could not win a Republican primary.
3. He's a loyal Democrat.
4. Mid-term elections favor the opposition party.
5. He's a loyal Democrat.
Manchin is one of 25 Democratic senators seeking re-election. Eight Republicans are. The Cook Report said none of the races are tossups yet. West Virginia is one of 10 states that Trump carried that have a Democratic senator. However, this is a mid-term election. I am inclined to agree with Cook except to point out that:
Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio faces a Republican Party that has served the state well under John Kasich. If Kasich is interested in the job, it is his. Otherwise, the state is a toss-up today.
Three leans Democrat states -- Florida, Indiana, and Missouri -- look ripe for the picking for Republicans. It comes down to candidate recruitment. Until then, they lean Democrat.
Republican Jeff Flake deserves to be primaried. For now. We shall see how big a pain he is. At any rate, looks like a tossup as does Nevada where a Republican seeks re-election in a Hillary state.
Which leads to Manchin. By all measures, he should be a shoo-in.

Except for the EpiPens. His daughter is the CEO of the company that makes them. And she got a fake degree from WVU to secure that job thanks to her father's connections when he was governor.

How will this play out in 2018? I do not know, but this is a bigger vulnerability than any stands on policies. I would say his seat is safe for Democrats right now, but Republicans might want to test EpiPens as an issue.


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  1. Hey -- how can I get a fake degree from WVU? I don't have enough to pay Bill Clinton for one from Walden University.

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  3. Sobonya for Senate!

    (I misspelled her name in other comment)

  4. He may be well and truly stuck by all Epi-Pen buyers, their families, and friends. One may hope.

  5. While the Epi-Pen scandal and his daughter's fake WVU degree are sure to be problematic, I believe many West Virginian's will be considering Joe's dissing of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. If you want to research this, he commented during one of the gun control attempts that the citizen's Due Process rights were a problem. His office has yet to respond to my query about his comments.

    1. Yeah, Status Quo Joe's office hasn't responded to any of my emails either. So much for "public service" bullshit. Joe Must Go.

  6. I don't know how Republican states can elect Dimocrat senators. We stopped doing that in Georgia years ago. Can't you find a good Republican to run against Manchin?

  7. I think if Trump can keep the base rallied and show huge improvements in the economy and wages, we should pick up some seats in the senate. We better make the transition out of obamacare go pretty darn smooth though if there is one. Also, illegal imigration and inner city crime needs to be well on its way to being resolved.