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Friday, November 04, 2016

Roosevelt Grier just voted for Trump

Gentle giant Roosevelt Grier, the needle-pointing member of the Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams, has after 60-plus years broken with the Democratic Party.

Grier will vote for Trump.

From the Daily Mail:
The man who disarmed Bobby Kennedy’s assassin and shielded the Democratic senator’s pregnant wife on the day her husband was shot has revealed that he is voting for Donald Trump.
NFL legend Rosey Grier, now 84, has backed Donald Trump in the race to the White House, telling 'Time is running out, we need a leader that's going to change this country. We need to be great again.'
Grier was with Bobby and Ethel Kennedy on June 5, 1968, acting as their bodyguard at the Ambassador Hotel in California, when Kennedy -- who was running to be the Democrat Party's presidential nominee -- was shot.
He shielded Ethel's pregnant body to protect her when the shots were fired and later disarmed the assassin Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy died in hospital the following day.
Presidential candidates now have Secret Service protection instead of relying on football playing friends.

Grier is a minister now. He voted for Obama twice, and is disappointed.

From the story:
In an interview with in his Los Angeles office, he said: 'They're allowing all kinds of people to come into this country. They don't even know who they are.
'I want to make sure that my grandchildren are protected because someone cared about who's coming into our country.'
We have a great country. I am glad to see great men are willing to take a chance to Make America Great Again.


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  1. Rosey, now playing defense for America.

  2. To be accurate, Rosey Grier endorsed Ron Reagan for re-election and made a powerful speech on his behalf at the 1984 Republican Convention--so he wasn't Democrat THAT year.

  3. Sadly, Rosey Grier seems to have a bad habit of backing the wrong Presidential candidate as he did in 1968 with Bobby Kennedy. And while Rosey was a hero who saved lives at the RFK assassination, he had signed on with the wrong team.

  4. Liked him on Daniel Boone. Didn't know that he was still alive.