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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

President Trump just saved 1,000 jobs at Carrier

Congratulations, Republicans of Indiana. You ignored your governor's support of Cruz, looked past the media caricatures, and trusted Donald Trump to save those jobs at Carrier.

President Trump delivered.

Nearly two months before his inauguration.

On Thanksgiving, President Trump tweeted:

No President has worked this hard since James Polk.

Donald Trump has worked from dawn till beyond dusk since he was 16. He is 70. He is not quitting after a half-century of working.

The media jeered his efforts to save those jobs.

From Paul Waldman of the Washington Post just six hours ago:
Beware of Donald Trump’s con on manufacturing jobs
As a longtime celebrity and television performer, Donald Trump knows the value of a good story to shape people’s views of a larger issue, even if what you’re convincing them to believe is utterly false. There’s an economic story developing — about two factories in Indiana that belong to the Carrier corporation — that Trump is hoping to use as a triumphant tale demonstrating how he’ll make America great again by bringing factory jobs back, particularly in areas that were once manufacturing hubs but are now distressed.
It’s based on a fundamental lie about the American economy. But the story will still be powerful, and it’ll be some time before most people realize how hollow it is.
You may have heard about how Carrier, which makes things like furnaces, announced earlier this year that they’re going to move 2,000 jobs from two plants in Indiana to Mexico in order to save on labor costs. On the campaign trail, Trump brought up Carrier frequently, saying that he would convince them, either through inducements or threats, to keep those jobs here. And he’s already working on it: “Representatives for the incoming administration, including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, have held wide-ranging policy talks with top-ranking executives at Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies Corp.,” reports the Wall Street Journal.
Blah, blah, blah. Then Waldman rolled this out:
But the most important reason manufacturing jobs have disappeared is automation.
Automation has been killing manufacturing jobs for two hundred years. That is already figured into the equation. Workers know this. Automation does not excuse bad trade agreements.

Paul Waldman should do his homework.

President Trump is a hard worker and dismissing him as "a longtime celebrity and television performer" is willful ignorance. He builds skyscrapers, resorts, and companies. He writes best-sellers.

And Carrier is best known for air conditioners, not furnaces. Willis Haviland Carrier invented the air conditioner.

A few things Waldman should know besides President Trump's bio:

1. Manufacturing is not dead. If it were, China, India, and Mexico would not bother pursuing those jobs.

2. The United States of America is not dead.

3. One thousand families in Indiana are about to get their lives back thanks to that "longtime celebrity and television performer."


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  1. Holy cow. I sure hope this is true.

    1. Just updated with the official Tweet.

    2. Indiana sure voted right.

    3. Put him over the top in the primaries and backed him up in spades in the general. He never forgot.

  2. This is what winning feels like! You go President Trump! He's not even in office yet!

    1. I know, brother! Mr. Trump isn't just hitting the ground running. He's already moving at Spirit Of America speed across the Bonneville Salt Flats. 407 per hour. May God bless and keep our President Elect!

    2. LOL! I already thought of Mike Pence as Race Bannon; now I can equate Trump with Craig Breedlove! Thanks, zregime!

  3. I know the owner of a local Truss plant. His orders
    for new construction just jumped 10% as winter is coming on in NE Oregon which is more like Colorado in climate....MAGA! indeed..
    Now for coal...TG

  4. Another great irony about a lefty writing about the "Rust Belt" is that that region became so de-industrialized by electing lots of Democrats. Those pols soon passed excessive regulations and higher taxes that caused businesses to move away.

  5. Dems: Nothing can be done. Trump: Let's DO IT.

  6. Trump keeps his promise

  7. When someone challenged Trump that the jobs he wants to save will be replaced by robots he answered "and we'll make them too".