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Saturday, November 19, 2016

President Trump, CEO of the world

President Trump is the leader of the free world. Readers of this blog are not surprised by the moves he is making. President Trump is a chief executive officer, in addition to being a celebrity. He used both to get elected, trimming the costs in half so he would not have to rely on corrupt millionaires and billionaires, thus keeping him free to do the job he sought.
The first eleven days show his CEO side.

He's made Mike Pence his second in command, in keeping with constitutional protocol.

While Pence technically is only the "President of the Senate" under that document, the Constitution provides that the vice president automatically -- instantly -- becomes president. Gone are the days when in the middle of a world war, Harry Truman played poker unaware of the development of atomic weaponry.

By leading the transition team, Pence exercises his own executive skills developed as governor of Indiana, while learning the process President Trump uses to make decisions.

For example, in selecting a secretary of State, Pence will know the files of the candidates, but President Trump will make the final decision. This is an apprenticeship.

President Trump has contacted the appropriate world leaders, and Japan's Shinzo Abe rode the gold elevator to President Trump's $100 million penthouse apartment.

The press judges him through the lens of how politicians take office. They are wrong. President Trump will be more effective because he views this, rightly, as a hostile takeover of a failing enterprise, which our federal government is.

Carl Icahn, not Charles Krauthammer, should grade him.

No doubt, President Trump will keep his antics up on Twitter. He likes communicating with the people, and he delights in trolling the press.

But never mistake play for work when it comes to President Trump.

Let me remind readers of a piece I wrote earlier this year on President Trump's skills. It follows, unadulterated.

In December 2014, Peter Economy of Inc. magazine wrote, "The Top 10 Skills Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed."

Trump has them all.

1. Inspires and motivates others.

My favorite example is Jim Herman, who at 38 won his first PGA tournament on April 3, 2016. Herman tried for years to make the PGA but gave up on his dreams a decade ago, and settled in as an assistant pro at Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey.

"I got into a nice conversation with Donald, Mr. Trump, one day. He's like, 'Why are you folding shirts and giving lessons? Why aren't you on the Tour? I've played with tour players, you're good enough.' I don't know, maybe something like that gives you more confidence," Herman told Simon Evans of Reuters after winning the Shell Houston Open.

2. Displays high integrity and honesty.

In business, your word is your bond. Fellow billionaires T. Boone Pickens, Conrad Black, and Carl Icahn vouch for him. Businessmen seldom give a liar a second chance. Trump is tough, but respected.

3. Solves problems and analyzes issues.

In the 1970s, developers gave up on most of Manhattan. Enter Trump. He bought the Commodore Hotel in the hope of restoring it to its former glory. That meant closing down the X-rated shops that infested its first floor. The city offered him tax abatements, but the banks were reluctant to finance his project. Trump, all of 34, figured out a way to make it work.

4. Drives for results.

The city of New York wasted six years and millions of dollars trying to renovate an ice rink at Central Park. Trump took the project over, and brought it in under budget and on schedule in six months.

5. Communicates powerfully and prolifically.

What can I say? No one has commanded news coverage like The Donald. True, much of it is negative, but like Reagan, he talks through the camera and directly to the public. He was the Big Dog who showed that the rest in the litter were runts.

6. Builds relationships.

One of my favorite chapters in my book, "Trump the Press," includes a testimonial from Peter David Ticktin, an extraordinary trial lawyer who rid Ontario of the loathsome Uniform Summons within a year of passing the Bar. He served as Trump's top sergeant when they were in military school together in the 1960s.

"Of the 99 guys (no girls in those days) in our class, there is not one who I know who has a bad word to say about Donald Trump. Think of it. With all the jealousies which arise in high school and thereafter, with all the potential envy, not one of us has anything other than positive memories of this man. How could we? He was an A student, a top athlete, and as a leader, he was highly respected. We never feared him, yet we never wanted to disappoint him," Ticktin wrote.

7. Displays technical or professional expertise.

His eldest son said he and his brother are the only sons of billionaires in the world who can operate a D-10 Caterpillar. Trump raised him like his father, Fred Trump, raised his sons by making them pull weeds and learn development from the sub-floor up.

8. Displays a strategic perspective.

Throughout Donald Trump's career, he has developed strategies, beginning with the converting the Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt. He studied the media until he mastered it. His reality shows dominated the ratings over 14 seasons.

9. Develops others.

Trump made his caddy, Dan Scavino Jr., his social media director. Trump does not go by resume. He goes by results.

10. Innovates.

Until Trump, recent presidential nominees had to raise millions and blow millions on ads and huge staffs to win. A billionaire, he did not buy the election. Rather, he earned it by going out there every day and rallying the people by standing for something -- America.

Bonus: Champions change.

Trump is an advocate of Management By Wandering Around. He talks to staff and learns first-hand what is going on. Professor Newt Gingrich said Trump is one of the quickest learners he has ever seen.

Flip flop? You can bet your assets that he will change his position at any time, any where, and any place if given new facts. He was pro-choice until he realized that a baby is not an inconvenience but a gift from God.

Yes, I get that he is not a cookie-cutter conservative when it comes to policy. But writing policy is not a president's job. You hire people like Ted Cruz to draft policy. That is what President Bush 43 did.

Trump's biggest selling point is that like Dubya, Reagan, and Eisenhower, Trump accomplished something in life before entering politics. That taught him that public policy has consequences. Leaders should be aware of the damage as well as the good they do.

Washington today is like the Commodore Hotel was in the 1970s. Trump will gut it and make it better than you have ever seen it. He made Manhattan great again. Of course he will Make America Great Again.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. Oooooooooooooh, he will make all the right people so MAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddd!!

  2. 4. Drives for results. If he could fix the ice rink situation in six months in NYC, maybe he can fix the Washington Monument elevator sooner rather than later (time to fix currently stated as "indefinite").

  3. And keep them from thinking straight, assuming that any of them can.

  4. I voted for Trump and am optimistic for his Presidency. While I know he will be pro business, I just hope that he will be equally pro small business.

  5. Those are the 10 characteristics most performance reviews entailed in my 40 years as a professional in industry. Each year you were rated on these ideals by your peers. Trump as a CEO would have had to meet or exceed each year to be at the level he is. I believe he will exceed every year for the next 4 years and then be promoted for another 4 years.

  6. Don, so far I have to admit I was wrong and you had it right. It's pretty darn early, but so far Trump is making all the right moves.

  7. Thanks, and thanks for sticking with me even when you thought I was Nucking Futz.

  8. #7. IIRC Ivanka can operate a D-10 Cat as well.

    I'll bet he won't bow to world leaders like Obungler did. He'll look them right in the eye and show them respect, but not subservience.

    1. They'll know they need to be on his good side.

  9. Trump will not expect to take to take more than 4 years to accomplish what he wants. In the meantime he will develop Pence so after 4 years Pence will be ready, willing and able to continue.

    1. Yeah Jim, I agree. DJT is a BTDT kinda guy. Been there, done that. By the summer of 2020, he'll be restless, looking for a new challenge. First man on Mars. That kinda stuff. But is gonna kick more ass in his four years than any other prez. It's gonna be fun, brother!

  10. The Democrats and their ilk will be choking on The Donald's dust for the next four, maybe eight, years. They still don't know what hit them. - Elric